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Ambien Detox and Withdrawal

“Ambien abuse seldom starts out with recreational use, though there have been some users who take Ambien for its hallucinogenic properties.”
Ambien is a prescription drug that helps patients who suffer from insomnia get a good’s night sleep. It is only prescribed for short-term or periodic use for patients. Patients who become dependent on Ambien should seek help from their doctors and detox centers. Detoxification from Ambien can lead to immediate and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms as well as long-term health issues if attempted alone. If you or a loved one is having a problem with Ambien abuse, call us at .

Ambien abuse seldom starts out with recreational use, though there have been some users who take Ambien for its hallucinogenic properties. More often than not, substance abusers may use Ambien to come down from a high caused by another drug. The use of multiple drugs can be a dangerous combination. It can also cause short-term amnesia before and after taking the drug.

Ambien has been known to cause twilight sleep. Twilight sleep is a term used when doctors administer a pain reliever and amnesia, such as morphine. It was frequently used for women during childbirth. It is no longer used for that purpose since it causes problems with a baby’s central nervous system. Twilight sleep with Ambien users can cause them to get out of bed and function normally without actually waking up. Users have been known to sleepwalk, eat and even drive while not fully awake.

Ambien dependency is more typically caused by long-term use by patients who actually suffer from insomnia. Patients who have taken the drug daily for more than 10 days should contact an Ambien addiction treatment center.

Did You Know?

Daily use of Ambien for an extended period of time can cause physical dependency and lead to numerous health problems including liver damage, cardiovascular problems and gastrointestinal difficulties.

Ambien is a physically addictive drug that makes withdrawal and detoxification potentially dangerous for patients. Ambien abusers should never attempt to stop using the drug cold turkey. Some of the more common and immediate withdrawal symptoms from Ambien include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Cramps
  • Panic attacks
  • Tremors
  • Seizures

“Withdrawing from Ambien may also increase nervousness and agitation.”
Additional physical withdrawal symptoms can affect various systems of the body, including the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, lymphatic and metabolic systems.

Withdrawing from Ambien may also increase nervousness and agitation. It may lead to increased anxiety, confusion and disorientation. Some patients withdrawing from Ambien may suffer from amnesia and even depression. The potential physical, psychological and emotional symptoms that occur from detoxification far outweigh the benefits of the drug.

Did You Know?

Ambien is not a cure for insomnia. Once a patient quits taking it, sleep disorders return.

Ambien detox centers are specifically designed to handle the withdrawal symptoms of the detoxification process. The process of detoxifying the body includes purging the system of chemicals, poisons and toxins. It is a process that should always be supervised by professionals in an Ambien withdrawal and rehab facility.

Patients who battle with an Ambien addiction should find the root cause of their insomnia through counseling and therapy. Their insomnia and subsequent Ambien addiction may stem from past or present family problems. They may be dealing with stress and anxiety from simple day-to-day living and need to learn how to handle stressors without losing sleep. Ambien detox programs focus on the immediate physical withdrawals caused from the detoxification process and then treatment programs pursue the psychological and emotional causes of the insomnia with the patient.

Doctors, therapists and staff in Ambien withdrawal treatment facilities are well-trained to help users deal with the issues that cause insomnia, as well as the frustration patients may experience while trying to stop using the drug. Ambien detox center staff members help patients cope with both the addiction and the causes of the addiction.

Patients who are addicted to Ambien may range in age, gender and personal history. Professionals are trained to work with patients on an individual basis to diagnosis the real problem underlying the condition and find the best therapy or solution for each person. They combine their knowledge and experience to help patients find the tools within themselves to handle life without the use of drugs.

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