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Luminal Detox and Withdrawal

Luminal detox centers work to help the barbiturate addicts through the most important part of the recovery process, which is often withdrawal process. Withdrawal symptoms occur when a drug leaves the body. The brain must adjust to the absence of the chemicals. As this happens, the body undergoes changes that the professionals at the detox center can help you with.
“When the body is completely free of the drug, then the addict can work on the more long-term aspects of recovery.”
Those changes are withdrawal symptoms. When the body is completely free of the drug, then the addict can work on the more long-term aspects of recovery. Fortunately, Luminal withdrawal treatment facilities are there to help addicts through withdrawal symptoms and to help provide a solid start in recovery. Call us at to find help and support for your Luminal addiction.

What Is Luminal Addiction?

Luminal is a member of the barbiturate family of phenobarbitals. These drugs have a sedative effect on the central nervous system and are used to treat a variety of conditions. Insomnia, anxiety, phobias, stress and seizures are just a few of the conditions treated with Luminal. Large doses of the drug produce a euphoric effect; however, when used as prescribed, Luminal is not an addictive drug.

Misuse and abuse, however, often lead to addiction. According to the Education Specialty Publishing, 1,493 emergency room visits in 2010 were due to phenobarbital ingestion. Such occurrences usually prompt the detox process. However, not every Luminol use incident ends in a hospital visit. To create an addiction, it takes time and several doses of Luminal taken for non-medical reasons.

Lunimal Withdrawal Symptoms

Luminal shares many of the same withdrawal symptoms with other similar prescription phenobarbitals. These symptoms include:

  • Anxiety
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Tremors
  • Nausea
  • Twitching
  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations

prokectknow-shutter217858825-hallucination-bwThe conditions treated by the original Luminal prescription can return with the withdrawal symptoms. Luminal detox centers are equipped to handle those symptoms as well. In fact, the center can ensure that your experience in detoxifying from the Luminal is a safe one. The center professionals use medical and psychological treatments to keep the withdrawal symptoms away during detox while getting to the bottom of your need to take the drug during rehabilitation.

Medical treatments are an important part of the detox process. You will not find them at home, and for a good reason. You need professional care and comfort as your body adjusts to sobriety.

Luminal Detox Programs

drug detoxificationDuring your stay in a Luminal detox program, you will receive medical treatment to get through the physical withdrawal symptoms. Medicinal treatment is given to help with anxiety, nausea, seizures and depression. The medications given will not aid in your addiction. They treat and prevent many of the withdrawal symptoms associated with the detox process. This treatment allows you to rest and recuperate from the effects of the Luminal and readies you for the recovery portion of care.

The most important part of the addiction treatment at a Luminal detox center is the tapering of the drug to get the body through the withdrawal symptoms. A phenobarbital addict should not go off the drugs cold turkey. The tapered doses can help you avoid withdrawal symptoms from the start of your recovery and throughout rehabilitation. Oftentimes, structured doses of just enough of the barbiturate to help the brain to slowly adjust to the lowering level of chemicals are given. The doses are lowered continuously until the body no longer needs the drug. It may take a few weeks to months to get the Luminal completely out of your system.

Finding Help

Call us at to find a Luminal withdrawal treatment facility to help with the phenobarbital addict in your life. We can help you find a good Luminal detox program that can help you or your loved one wean the drugs out of your system. Then, you can start on the road to recovery. We can also provide the support and resources you may need for the detox and recovery processes. Contact us for more information, to talk, or to see how a Luminal detox center can help you.


  • Barbiturates were first used in 1864 as the drug malonylurea.
  • Phenobarbital was developed in 1911.
  • When Luminal reaches the brain, it engages a neurotransmitter that actually shuts off large parts of the brain. These parts “sleep” until the barbiturate leaves the body.