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15 Different Drinking and Driving Accidents with Horrific Outcomes

A drunk driving accident that results in injury or loss of life is tragic. However, some accidents are particularly horrific because of high fatality rates, terrible injuries, or other circumstances. Due to unawareness of the possible effects of alcohol use, it can lead to fatal injuries, accidents and even death.

1. Taconic State Parkway, New York – July 2009

This crash occurred when a thirty-six-year-old woman with alcohol intoxication drove her minivan in the wrong direction on the Parkway. She crashed into an SUV and killed three people in the SUV as well as four people in her own car and herself.

2. Carrollton, Kentucky – May 1988

This bus crash is often called the worst drunk driving accident in United States history. A pickup truck driven by an intoxicated man crashed into a school bus carrying sixty-seven people. Twenty-seven children and teenagers were killed and thirty-four were injured.

3. San Jose, California – September 2010

In this car accident, a nineteen-year-old driver who was drunk drove into a light pole. The car caught fire, and his passenger, who was eighteen years old, died.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada – May, 2007

This car crash occurred when a nineteen-year-old intoxicated man caused an accident in which five family members were killed. The youngest victim was seven months old and the oldest, the mother, was thirty-two years old.

5. Toledo, Ohio – December 2007

This crash occurred when a drunk man drove his pickup truck into a minivan carrying a woman and her four children. All the passengers in the minivan died. The man was later sentenced to forty-three years in jail.

6. Le Grande, California – July 2010

In this car crash, a forty-three-year-old man was drunk when he drove his car directly into another car. That car then collided with a third car. All told, three people died, including a twelve-year-old boy. The man who caused this crash had been convicted of causing another accident while driving under the influence nine years earlier.

7. Dallas, Texas – October, 2012

Two adults were killed and a child was injured when a thirty-four-year-old man driving drunk hit three cars when he failed to stop at a red light. The driver attempted to flee the scene, according to police, but bystanders prevented him from leaving.

8. Snellville, Georgia – January 2013

A seventy-year-old man who was driving while under the influence caused fifteen car crashes in one night. Miraculously, only one person died and another person was injured. This man must have been unaware that he’s drinking too much alcohol.

9. Paris, France – September 1997

The crash that killed Princess Diana is perhaps one of the most famous car accidents in modern times. The driver of Princess Diana’s car had a high blood alcohol level at the time of the crash, which also killed Dodi al Fayed. The driver was reportedly going as fast as 120 miles an hour at the time of the crash. According to witnesses, the car was being pursued by paparazzi.

10. Austin, Texas – September 1999

his accident killed two and left a third, a young woman, with severe burns over most of her body. The crash occurred when an intoxicated eighteen-year-old man crashed into the three’s car. In the aftermath of the crash, the young woman endured more than 100 surgeries and years of physical therapy, but ultimately forgave the young man who caused the crash. She has gone on to speak publicly about the dangers of drunk driving.

11. Montgomery County, Maryland – May 2010

In this tragic accident, three young people were killed and one was injured. A friend was driving them home from a party when he crashed into a guardrail. Hours after the accident, his blood-alcohol level was measured at .16, double the legal limit for driving.

12. Alvin, Texas – December 2012

In this tragic accident, a twenty-year-old man ran over two young boys, ages eleven and twelve, in front of their father after having too much drink. Later, the driver was killed by gunshot, and the boys’ father was charged.

13. Stephenson, Virginia – June 2011

An intoxicated twenty-year-old man caused this horrifying crash, which shook the lives of an entire family. The drunk man plowed into an SUV, causing its fuel tank to explode. A couple and their two children were inside the SUV and were unable to escape the flames.

14. Slaughter, Louisiana – May 2012

This terrible crash occurred when a drunk driver crashed head-on into a minivan containing seven people, five of whom were killed. The deceased victims ranged in age from six to sixty-four, and two teenagers were very badly injured.

15. New York – March 2013

In this tragic accident, a man who police believe may have been drunk plowed his BMW into the side of a taxicab, killing the two passengers and wounding the driver. The deceased were a husband and his pregnant wife who were on their way to the hospital. After the accident, the child was delivered via caesarian section. Unfortunately, the infant died hours later. The driver of the BMW had been charged two weeks earlier in a separate incident with driving while under the influence.

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