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Bath Salts Induced Crimes in America

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If you have ever considered doing bath salts, you might want to think twice. “Yeah, yeah,” you’re thinking, “Inhalants aren’t all that bad.” Well, you’re in for a surprise. Haven’t you heard the news? People on bath salts have been running around naked and committing crimes! It’s a strange phenomenon for sure, and it’s been trending around the world online.

Police caught on to the trend following a naked crime wave outbreak in Arizona that has since spread across the United States and even to Canada. As Phoenix police sergeant Eric Wyckoff warns, it’s a bad idea to “approach naked people running around the streets of Phoenix.” Addiction specialists have since suggested that so-called bath salts may be the culprit. The active ingredient in bath salts is called mephedrone, a synthetic substance that is claimed to make users feel confident and energized and enhance musical experiences. However, it can also cause serious rage, severe confusion, hallucinations, and abnormally high body temperatures. The active ingredient in bath salts is called mephedrone, a synthetic substance that is claimed to make users feel confident and energized and enhance musical experiences. However, it can also cause serious rage, severe confusion, hallucinations, and abnormally high body temperatures.

Anything that combines the effects of ecstasy, cocaine, amphetamines, and LSD or acid all in one is bad news, and bath salts—resulting in seemingly psychotic actions, that nonetheless often take place while naked—seem to offer one messed up high.

The drug, by the way, is not the same bath salts you’ll find in your local drug store. Here’s a quick look at some of the shocking bath salts-induced crimes:

    • The naked man who ate the face of a homeless Miami man. The man was fittingly described as “zombie-like.”
    • The Florida woman who exposed her breasts, vagina, and buttocks while standing in the middle of an intersection in Broward County. According to police, she didn’t “give a f—” about her actions.
    • The half-naked Miami man who introduced himself to a three-year-old girl at a playground by saying, disturbingly, that he wanted to “stick it in” her. Before police arrived, he hid under a slide and disturbed one other family with his actions.
    • The naked Munnsville, New York woman who strangled her dog and punched and choked her child. Before she did any more damage, police arrived and tasered her, which later resulted in her death.
    • The half-naked man at a golf course in Georgia who threatened to eat the police. In this very strange account, the accused had super-human strength and a number of officers had to hold him down while tasering him 14 times, all the while he was screaming about how he wanted to eat them.
    • The woman from Texas who crashed her car, stripped, and then made a stop at a Houston ice cream shop. What a sight that must have been to see.
    • The naked man from Illinois who thought he could go surfing on the hood of a moving car.
    • The naked woman who started a hospital fight in Pennsylvania.
    • The Miami man who broke into a house, stripped, threw some furniture around, and then bit the man who lived there. This is yet another case of what seems to be becoming a bath salt zombie apocalypse.

  • The naked man who decided to illegally skinny dip in Tempe Town Lake in Phoenix, Arizona. He would quickly swim away from officials every time they got close but eventually was caught.
  • The naked New York woman who tried to eat a police officer (hmm, being hungry for police officers seems to be becoming a trend…).
  • The naked Calgary man who was discovered smashing his head into a fence. That certainly must have hurt.
  • The naked carjacking criminal from Scottsdale, Arizona, who crawled onto his car’s roof and started singing after causing multiple accidents. Women in the area were certainly shocked. You probably would be too.
  • The California man who began dry humping the air in public while in the nude and shouting about how he had found God.
  • The man who was driving and then crashed his rental moving truck into a house while he had no pants on. He fled the scene and ran home, but police found his wallet in the pair of pants he had left in the truck.

While the crimes detailed above are quite surprising and definitely not situations you’d want to be caught dead in, more disturbingly yet, there have been some other serious shocking crimes induced by bath salts, although the accused were not naked at the time of their actions. In 2011, a Fort Lewis man who was high on bath salts murdered his son with a plastic bag, shot his girlfriend to death, and then killed himself. Another man attempted to murder his mother as a result of being delusional from bath salts. His family knew the drug is what had caused him to act, which resulted in a shorter prison sentence. It is cases like these that show just how dangerous bath salts can be. If you or a loved one has addiction to bath salts, call us today at to discuss about addiction treatment options.

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