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What Does The Mannequin Challenge Video Show About Addiction?

Videographers have taken us to locker rooms, school cafeterias, baseball fields and beyond. Teens, teams, and professionals from all walks of life have accepted the mannequin challenge and amazed us with their poses.

This one’s different…

The makers of this video weren’t attempting to show off their athletic moves or amaze viewers with laughter-inducing antics. Far from it. Their message is much more serious. Their mannequins set the scene for the worst outcome in heroin addiction. Their challenge to the public is simply this: Open your eyes to the dangers of overdose and death.

What You’ll See

As we enter the scene, curious onlookers watch as emergency crews rush into a home. Close-ups focus on family photos around a living room and a small child being counseled by a police officer. Then, the angle shifts to the reason for all this action. Several adults are seated throughout the room. All have overdosed on drugs. The scene is tragic.

It’s also based on truth.

Young teenagers sitting on a wall and looking at their mobilesThe video is an effort put together by YouTubers Blay and Ay and the Grand County Sheriff’s Office in Williamstown, KY. This area has seen more than its share of tragedy. In 2015, fatal overdoses increased by 31 percent in Jefferson County, KY (the state’s most populous county) and fatal overdoses throughout the state increased by 17 percent.

One of the makers of the video, Thomas Worthington, lost his cousin to overdose this year. He told WCPO Cincinnati, “There’s tons of people who feel it every day, losing a family member to drugs.”

The video includes a post-message from Blay, who kneels next to a tombstone marking the grave of his cousin, Jerry. Jerry died of a fatal overdose. Blay states, “We loved Jerry. Wish we could have got him a little more help, any help, before this happened.”

The creators titled the video “The Worst Outcome Mannequin Challenge” and they wrap it up with this important message:

“If you or someone you know is suffering from heroin addiction, don’t just stand still. Get help. It may save yours or someone else’s life.”

Mannequins Don’t Lie

This problem stretches way beyond the borders of Kentucky. Each day, 2.1 million people in the U.S. abuse opioids. Each year, over 23,000 Americans die due to heroin and prescription opioid use.

The good news: Recovery is possible. The scene in this video is not inevitable. Treatment works…and it’s available. Find hope for you or your loved one here.