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Marijuana ‘Dabbing’ Making Major Impact in the Drug Abuse Scene

Recent reports show that teen marijuana use may be on the decline overall, but that doesn’t mean marijuana products have waned in popularity among the adolescent crowd.

While synthetic marijuana use has continued to grow exponentially, an alternative and highly-potent marijuana extract is causing serious concern among medical experts.

What You Need to Know About Dabbing

“Dabbing” involves inhaling vapors of a marijuana extract, butane hash oil (BH), which has a much greater concentration of THC than regular marijuana.

John Stogner, co-author of a new paper on dabbing published in Pediatrics, said that “at a minimum, dabs are four times as strong as a joint and the high is administered all at once.”

Although there aren’t exact numbers on how many people across the country are dabbing, surveys that the paper cited suggest that most pot smokers in legal marijuana states have tried it at least once.

Dabbing Past and Present

This is hardly a new drug-related trend, though. Dabbing going as far back as the ‘70s. However, thanks to social media, it’s back in a very big way. Many YouTube videos currently online show people how to use it, while online drug shops let users in legal marijuana states purchase butane hash oil extracts that have been processed commercially.
projectknow-shutter859580260-emt-techniciansBut unlike traditional marijuana, it’s possible for those who dab to overdose on the drug by becoming so high that they pass out. Several cannabis clubs have forbidden dabbing on their property and even pro-marijuana organizations have condemned its use.

“There have been repeated occasions in which 911 teams have had to be called in due to cannabis overdoses,” wrote Dale Gieringer of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

“Things like this never happened until the popularization of hash oil in recent years. The dangers are dire enough to merit a special warning.”

If you’re concerned that your child might be dabbing, talk with them about the dangers of doing so. Allow them the opportunity to ask questions and make it clear that you’re there to support them, but that you also won’t tolerate them using it.


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