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The Other DWI: Dialing While Intoxicated

You won’t get a ticket, lose your license or go to jail for this driving offence…but it can still have dire consequences. Most likely, you risk damaging or losing a relationship…or starting one you don’t want!

Setting the Scene

The scenario isn’t hard to imagine. Maybe you’ve been there before – either on the giving or receiving end of a call. Do any of the situations below ring a bell?

  • A dozen calls in an hour, to the same number
  • 25 unanswered texts to the same person in a two-minute time span
  • Weepy voice mails declaring undying love for an ex
  • Angry voice mails filled with accusations and threats
  • An incoherent conversation you know they won’t remember in the morning
  • A social media post that includes a picture no one should see
  • An online purchase that screams “What was I thinking?”

The above situations can be either benign or completely disastrous. You may simply annoy a friend, cause conflict with another family member or inflict irreparable damage to a romantic relationship.

Don’t Drink and Dial

After buying the drug online a teen kept the phone and headphones on the wooden floor and standing beside.  Calling or texting someone while drunk can result in regrettable words or actions. You really aren’t at your peak performance, so it’s likely any calls or texts you make in an emotionally charged state won’t turn out well.

If you’ve got something important to say, wait until your head has cleared. If you don’t, you could easily put yourself in a worse scenario than those mentioned.

What if you don’t get voicemail? What if the person on the other end answers? The resulting conversation could allow you to make more regrettable statements than you would’ve left in a message. The person you call may hang up, wondering what happened, or worse, decide to hang up on you permanently.

How to Avoid a DWI

Several methods can be used to avoid these situations. To prevent dialing while intoxicated, take the following precautions:

  • Download the App:
    The Stop Drunk Dialing app hides certain phone contacts so you can’t call them for up to 12 hours. What’s the drawback? You have to decide to use it in advance. By the time you need to use the app, you may be too far gone to make the right decision to turn it on.
  • Designated Dialer:
    You’ve heard of turning over keys to a designated driver. Perhaps you need to turn over your phone, too. Keeping it out of reach while you are drinking could save you a lot of trouble.
  • Dial Back the Drinking:
    If this is a recurring problem for you, consider the big picture. There might be more to the situation than a few regrettable dials. You may need to cut back on your alcohol intake.