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‘Wake and Bake’ Marijuana Coffee – Washington

Morning rituals are very specific. While some people can’t function before having a cup of coffee, others have a similar feeling toward smoking marijuana in the morning.

Known as “wake and bake” in marijuana lingo, the process involves waking up in the morning and immediately smoking pot. By simply throwing some coffee in the mix, you’ve got what’s known as a “hippie speedball.”

Taking note of this potential market, Washington will soon offer a new line of marijuana coffee beverages from Mirth Provisions, affectionately known as Legal.

Legal is a cold-brewed coffee infused with cannabis. Mirth Provisions product developer Adam Stites claims the beverage offers a “caffeinated buzz” and is expected to hit dispensaries in July.

Legal coffees are said to offer drinkers a different, more uplifting kind of high. With coffee being a stimulant, the body’s natural reaction is to speed up. Marijuana, however, is not necessarily known for its “get up and go” effects. When a stimulant is competing with a depressant in the body (known as a speedball) people tend to experience waves of conflicting symptoms.

Product Specifications

  • Each bottle features about 20 mg of THC.
  • Developers claim the THC content is not enough to get consumers excessively high.
  • Legal beverages will be sold in plain/black, and with cream and sugar.
  • The beverages will be regulated by the state.

Stacked cookies showing food addictionMarijuana edibles are a favorite item in dispensaries around the nation. Edibles have also seen their share of criticism, as a large number of kids accidentally ingest marijuana packaged to look like candy. Dispensaries sell snacks like brownies, cookies, suckers, ice cream, kettle chips, The Kif-Kat Bar, The Krondike Bar, Caramel Potcorn and Oh-Wee-Oh’s.

Is it Safe to Combine THC and Caffeine?

Caffeine is one of the most widely used stimulants in the world. Marijuana, on the other hand, slows the body systems and creates deficits in short-term memory. One study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse evaluated the effects of THC and caffeine using a rodent model of working memory. Not only did caffeine fail to counteract THC-induced memory deficits, it actually exacerbated the deficits. However, additional research is needed in order to identify the possible health risks of a THC and coffee combo.