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Crack Cocaine Addiction

The use of crack cocaine can quickly spiral out of control and result in a deadly cycle that takes over an addict’s life. The severe physical and psychological effects of crack cocaine cause deterioration of the body and mind. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, call today for immediate assistance with private and confidential crack cocaine addiction recovery help.

Crack Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

An addiction to crack cocaine may include any of the following symptoms:

  • Using Razor a man is making lines of cocaine white powder for snorting.Use of crack cocaine has caused you or a loved one to stop virtually all activities not related to drug use. Failure to meet obligations to family, school or career is typical in the all-consuming cycle of drug abuse. The addict’s life revolves around obtaining and smoking crack.
  • Breaking the law or engaging in risky behaviors to obtain crack cocaine is a common theme. Many crack addicts are driven to theft or prostitution to support their addiction.
  • In spite of the negative effects of the drug, addicts will continue to abuse crack cocaine and be unwilling to consider the ramifications of their behavior.
  • The user needs to use crack cocaine more often or in increasingly larger doses to experience the same effects as before. This indicates a physical tolerance and the possibility of addiction.
  • The user experiences feelings of intense discomfort when faced with prolonged separation from the drug. These crack cocaine addiction symptoms can be physical or psychological.

Did You Know?

It is estimated that at least 25 million people in the United States have used cocaine at least once.

Why People Use Drugs

Dopamine is a chemical that is naturally produced by our brains. It is released into the system during activities that are usually considered pleasurable, such as sex or eating. The use of crack cocaine causes the brain to drastically increase the release of this and other neurotransmitters. The person’s system is flooded with serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine in such large amounts that a feeling of intense pleasure is created. Crack cocaine addiction treatment involves detoxifying the body of any traces of crack cocaine. Behavioral modification and talk therapy are also important components of a successful recovery program.

Did You Know?

Less than 10 percent of addicts and less than 40 percent of those with dependence disorders seek help for the problem.

Effects of Crack Abuse

The high caused by crack is relatively short-lived, often resulting in the user continually smoking, or binging, in order to maintain the feelings of euphoria. The aftereffects of crack cocaine use may include depression, suicidal thoughts, irritability and physical discomfort. Crack cocaine users smoke the substance from short pipes, which often cause painful blisters to form on the lips. The lungs of the habitual user consistently show damage due to the heat and smoke. Because cocaine causes dilation of blood vessels, high blood pressure and stroke are among the many crack cocaine addiction symptoms. Loss of appetite is common in addicts, and it can lead to severe health problems and malnutrition. Interrupted sleep is also a common symptom of crack cocaine abuse. Heart attacks in young patients without a history of heart disease are so frequently due to cocaine that emergency room doctors are taught to consider it as one of the first diagnoses.

Risk Factors That Can Lead to Crack Cocaine Addiction

Factors leading to crack addiction can be a combination of social, psychological and physiological triggers. Studies suggest that there may be a genetic link to addiction as well, as people with addicted family members have a greater likelihood of developing dependencies. Cocaine addiction is especially indicative of this pattern. Preventing addiction to crack cocaine is most effective when it is made clear very early what the risks are. Education about the dire effects of drug use and demonstrating positive examples of a drug-free lifestyle are effective methods of prevention. Identifying the underlying causes of addiction is an important part of the treatment process. Crack cocaine addiction signs are numerous. To speak with someone who can help provide information and support for an addiction to crack cocaine, call our free national hotline at .

Did You Know?

The children of addicts are eight times more likely than other children to develop an addiction.

Treatment and Recovery From Addiction

After the initial consultation and diagnosis of crack addiction, the patient will be admitted to an inpatient treatment facility. At this time, the detoxification procedure to remove crack cocaine from the body will begin. Crack cocaine addiction symptoms are often partly managed with medications that ease the physical effects of withdrawal. After detoxification, the patient may be introduced to a 12-step treatment program. Patient observation and counseling are both important parts of a quality drug treatment program. For 24-hour assistance with questions about the best crack cocaine treatment available, call .

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