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Pentobarbital Detox and Withdrawal

Pentobarbital is a drug used as a short-term treatment for insomnia as well as an emergency drug for seizures. It is also used for putting patients to sleep before surgery. It belongs to a category of drugs that are classified as barbiturates and works by slowing down brain activity and suppressing the nervous system. Pentobarbital is typically injected into a muscle or vein by a nurse or doctor but can be administered by self-injection as well.

Pentobarbital_AddictionUnlike some medications that are prescribed for a certain amount of time and taken several times a day, this drug is usually only taken when needed. In the case where a person becomes addicted, it usually means that he or she has become dependent on the feeling that occurs once the drug has been injected into the system. If you or someone you care for is addicted to this drug, contact a pentobarbital detox center right away. Call our helpline immediately at to get connected with an addiction treatment center in your area.

Signs of an Overdose

Pentobarbital should only be given by medical professional or someone who has been trained to give it. If the drug is not injected slowly into the vein or muscle, it can cause serious medical problems and even an overdose. Signs of overdose to Pentobarbital:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Dilated or pinpoint pupils
  • Weak pulse
  • Fainting
  • Slow breathing or no breathing at all
  • Limp feeling
  • Decrease in urination

If you think you may have overdosed on this drug, seek medical attention immediately. Most people do not set out to get addicted to drugs. When addiction occurs, it is something that usually develops gradually. Depending on what the drug is and who is taking it, some addictions are harder to battle than others. If you are experiencing an addiction to this drug, the chances for beating it are much greater if you get help from a pentobarbital detox center. You can get assistance and have all of your questions answered by calling .

Withdrawal From Pentobarbital

“When users decide to kick a drug habit, there are a number of things they will have to deal with.”When users decide to kick a drug habit, there are a number of things they will have to deal with. One of these things is withdrawal, the symptoms of which can be mild to severe, depending on the level of addiction and what drug is being used. Withdrawal from a barbiturate is particularly dangerous, which is why a person should get help from a pentobarbital withdrawal treatment facility. Common symptoms of pentobarbital withdrawal include:

  • Increased blood rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Sweating
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting


According to a study released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), prescription drugs, including barbiturates, were taken by at least 16 million Americans for recreational purposes in 2010. In this same study, it was found that 7 million people had used prescription drugs in just the previous month. With numbers like this, it is evident why there is a need for pentobarbital detox centers. To find a center near you, call our drug hotline at .


To successfully treat an addiction to this drug, individuals should seek help from a pentobarbital detox program. It can be dangerous to attempt to wean yourself off this drug without professional help. Serious medical complications can arise that only trained medical professionals are equipped to deal with. Getting off the drug is a gradual process that should be supervised by healthcare professionals. The effects of the withdrawal from medication need to be monitored, and physical evaluations need to be done to ensure the patient is withdrawing from the medication as safely as possible. This is something that most addicted individuals are not able to do on their own.

Help from a pentobarbital detox center will increase the probability of success. Physical withdrawal symptoms typically subside within 14 days, but mental and emotional withdrawal symptoms may take longer to deal with. At a detox center, there are trained psychologists and counselors to help you get through this part of the recovery process.

The medical dangers posed by treatment of this addiction call for inpatient treatment, which provides strict supervision. There is an abundance of quality facilities throughout the country that are staffed with physicians, counselors and psychiatrists who are professionally trained to handle people suffering from drug addiction. Many facilities offer a variety of payment options for your treatment costs, and some detox facilities are federally funded. No matter what your financial situation is, there is a pentobarbital detox center that is capable of serving you.

Whether you need help for yourself, an addicted teen, your spouse, a sibling or a friend, we can help you find a quality pentobarbital detox program. Call us at to get help today.


According to the NIDA, at least 2.7 percent of 8th graders, 7.7 percent of 10th graders, and 8 percent of 12th graders have abused prescription drugs.

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