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Vivitrol Detox and Withdrawal

A Vivitrol withdrawal treatment facility is designed for those addicted to opiates. Participants receive monthly injections that help them recover from opiate addictions. Vivitrol detox centers support sobriety one month at a time. For more information, call .

What Is an Opiate?

“Vivitrol detox centers support sobriety one month at a time.”
Opiates are narcotics that are derived from the poppy plant. Common forms of the drug are morphine, codeine, and hydrocodone. These drugs affect the body’s central nervous system and reduce the feeling of pain. Those addicted to opiates are attracted to the calming effects of the drug. Use of these drugs requires a doctor’s prescription. Many addicts become introduced to the drug in this way. Afterward, they feel they cannot live without the euphoric feeling the narcotic provides. Heroin is another opiate. Unlike the others, it is an illegal drug and not prescribed by doctors. Opiates are generally cheap and easy to obtain.

Did You Know?

From 1992 to 2003, the misuse of opioid prescription painkillers increased by 140 percent, according to the Institute of Addiction Medicine.


The dangers of opiate addiction involve the use of the drugs as well as withdrawal symptoms. Prolonged use of opiates like Vivitrol can cause heart palpitations, loss of consciousness, and difficulty breathing. Opiate overdoses can be fatal. Other dangers include developing heart abnormalities and lapsing into a coma. Withdrawing from an opiate without clinical assistance can have devastating side effects, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Shaking
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

What Is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is used to treat opiate addicts. It is administered by injection once per month. It works by blocking the opiate receptors in the brain. Once Vivitrol is administered, opiates will have no effect on an individual. The addict will be unable to experience pleasurable feelings from taking the narcotic.

Vivitrol Treatment

Vivitrol detox programs are highly effective for treating opiate addiction. Treatment is sometimes given on an outpatient basis, and this makes it an affordable option for opiate addicts. Vivitrol injections can also be administered to the patient in his or her home. This is a convenient option for those who cannot travel to a Vivitrol detox center. The FDA has approved the injections, and they are not addictive.

Side Effects

Side effects of Vivitrol include itching and redness at the injection site, dizziness, sore throat, weakness, and muscle cramps. Some severe allergic reactions have also been reported. These include a rash, hives, difficulty breathing, an irregular heartbeat, and vision changes. Those experiencing allergic reactions must seek medical attention right away. The drug has not been studied on people under the age of 18.

Other Uses

“The drug has not been studied on people under the age of 18.”
Vivitrol is also effective in the treatment of alcoholism. It is often used in conjunction with a traditional alcohol treatment program. Vivitrol affects alcohol abusers and opiate addicts in a similar way. It blocks the pleasurable feelings produced by alcohol. The addict receives no reward from his or her drinking and is therefore able to stop drinking more easily.

Benefits of Vivitrol:

  • Low cost
  • Administered monthly
  • FDA-approved
  • Not habit-forming
  • Effective


A Russian study of 250 addicts to heroin determined that 86 percent of patients taking Vivitrol were drug-free after six months. Only 57 percent of those taking a placebo had the same results.


Vivtrol is effective in treating relapses. Because substance abuse is a chronic condition, relapses are common. Vivitrol detox centers can help patients who are experiencing a relapse to opiate use. They administer Vivitrol and combine it with counseling and other forms of treatment. Families of the addict often receive counseling as well. For confidential support and more information on these facilities, call .

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