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How to Help an Addict or Alcoholic Mother

Dealing with a drug-addicted or alcoholic mother can be incredibly difficult for children, significant others, grandparents and friends. Many people aren’t exactly sure how to help an addicted mother, especially if that mother is the person who typically cares for them. Don’t ignore the signs of addiction just because you aren’t sure how to help a mother on drugs; the problem won’t go away on its own.
“Dealing with a drug-addicted or alcoholic mother can be incredibly difficult for children, significant others, grandparents and friends.”-Johnathan Doe
It’s no secret that mothers work hard to care for their kids and significant others. Moms cook, clean, read stories, help with homework and keep their family units strong. It doesn’t matter if a mother is a housewife or works outside of the home; a good mother works hard wherever she is. People are often surprised to learn when a mother is on drugs or has an alcohol addiction, but many people with addiction problems have children.

Warning Signs of Addiction

If you aren’t sure how to help an addicted mother, start by looking for signs of addiction. Signs vary depending on the type of drug that is being abused, as well as how much and how often the mother uses the drug. Start by looking for the following signs of drug or alcohol abuse:

  • Slurred speech
  • Memory issues
  • Extreme exhaustion or excessive energy
  • Unusually small or large pupils
  • Glazed eyes
  • Confusion
  • Angry outbursts
  • Depression
  • Decreased performance at work
  • Sudden unexplained financial problems
  • Increased consumption of alcohol
  • Using alcohol at inappropriate times, such as during the work day or while driving
  • A family history of drug or alcohol abuse

Remember, not all of these symptoms are solely signs of drug or alcohol abuse. They may also indicate that a mother is depressed, anxious or suffering from another condition.

It is important to make sure that a mother with a drug or alcohol problem gets help. Numerous scientific studies and research projects show a link between addicted mothers and children with psychological issues. The United States Department of Agriculture reports that children with alcoholic mothers are more likely to abuse alcohol than children with alcoholic fathers.

The Importance of Treatment

“Each experience is different when it comes to dealing with a drug-addicted mother.” The 2007 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that while more than 23 million Americans over the age of 12 needed help with a drug or alcohol abuse, only 2.4 million actually sought treatment. You may not know how to help an addicted mother, but it is important to reach out and try to find ways to assist with her recovery process.

Each experience is different when it comes to dealing with a drug-addicted mother. Mothers can abuse everything from alcohol to street drugs. Addicted mothers commonly abuse the following drugs and substances:


This is not a comprehensive list. The addicted mother in your life may experiment with other drugs, including crack, crystal meth and heroin.

There are many different treatment options for addicted mothers. Some moms benefit from intensive counseling or group therapy. Other women prefer inpatient therapy at a long-term treatment facility or detox center. Many of these programs understand the special challenges that mothers face and have programs designed to meet their individual needs. Make sure to help an addicted mom by choosing a center with flexible visiting hours so she can remain in contact with her children and significant other.

Each mother has her own individual preferences regarding the type of treatment center she attends. Some moms find nature-based rehab centers or holistic facilities to be relaxing and beneficial. Others prefer a luxurious rehab facility with a spa-like atmosphere. No matter what she prefers, there is a drug rehab program that is just right for her.

Now that you know how to help an addicted mother, call us at to begin the addiction treatment process. Every mother deserves a good life, and every child deserves a sober mother.

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