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Duodin Detox and Withdrawal

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Duodin detox centers handle many people addicted to the drug Duodin, also known as hydrocodone. Such facilities are necessary to treat the growing number of people addicted to opiates. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 86,258 people were rushed to the emergency room in 2009 for hydrocodone abuse symptoms.
“People addicted to Duodin should seek proper medical attention for their addiction.”
Some of those patients had experienced an overdose, and others were going through the severe withdrawal symptoms that hydrocodone-based medications produce. Duodin is no different.
People addicted to Duodin should seek proper medical attention for their addiction, and this includes a good Duodin detox program. Stopping the drug “cold turkey” isn’t recommended. It could be a health risk if attempted without first consulting a doctor or Duodin withdrawal treatment facility.

Duodin Addiction

A Duodin detox center can tell you that, when taken as instructed, Duodin is generally not addictive. The drug is used to treat pain and to suppress coughs. It is called a semi-synthetic opiate, meaning that only part of it is derived from the poppy plant that produces opiates. The drug is prescribed as a pill or in a liquid syrup form. When the drug is abused, it is not taken as prescribed. The addict takes a larger dose than prescribed or takes it more often than described. The effect is a euphoric high that the addict is striving for each time the drug is taken.

Many Duodin abusers are not the prescribed patient. The drug is often stolen and sold on the black market to people who want to experience its euphoric properties. Such users do not realize what Duodin does to the brain and body. Call us at to learn more about your addiction treatment options for dealing with a Duodin addiction.

The first abusive dose may not start the addiction, but somewhere between dose two and 10, Duodin addiction arises. The drug blocks the pain receptors in the brain, and in higher doses, makes the brain produce endorphins that create the high feeling. A higher dose each time is needed to produce this high until the body is dependent on Duodin to function. Stopping the drug outside of a Duodin detox center can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. The discomfort of withdrawal symptoms often lead an addict to relapse to use, if not in a treatment facility.

Duodin Withdrawal

When Duodin leaves the body and the brain, the brain must function without the opiate blocking the receptors. It tries to adapt with a response that turns out to be too much for a body without the opiates helping. The results are some serious symptoms, including:

  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Severe bone and muscle pain
  • Shallow breathing
  • Stomach pain
  • Anxiety
  • Irritation
  • Narrow pupils
  • Fever
  • Racing pulse

“Some people experience heart attacks and respiratory distress while detoxing from the opiate.”
These symptoms last for several days and weeks depending on the amount of opiates taken and the frequency. Some people experience heart attacks and respiratory distress while detoxing from the opiate. The reason that the withdrawals take so long is because Duodin that is taken before quitting is metabolizing in the system. It takes some time to do so, affecting the brain and body as it leaves. Without a fresh dose of Duodin, the body will struggle to function with the remnants of the drug left in the system. This is why a Duodin withdrawal treatment and rehab facility can help.

Duodin Detoxification

projectknow-shutter48588532-orange-tabletsA Duodin detox program is designed to wean the body off the opiate. This is done using an opiate antagonist. Drugs like Naloxone and Suboxone block the opiate’s effects in the body. There is no high, but the brain thinks Duodin is working again. While the addict recovers, Suboxone or Naloxone is decreased until it can be safely eliminated entirely. This process may take months to complete. The drug must be taken as prescribed in order to prevent Duodin withdrawal symptoms from returning.

Seeking Treatment

In a Duodin withdrawal treatment facility, detox takes place prior to the bulk of the recovery program. Addicts learn how to function without the drug while receiving treatment for problems that have caused the addiction.


  • The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency states that since 2009, hydrocodone has been the second most prevalent drug confiscated as drug evidence.
  • Approximately 23.5 million people ages 12 and older reported using hydrocodone medications for non-medical uses in 2009.
  • Hydrocodone is a Schedule II controlled substance, meaning its potential for abuse is high.
  • Hydrocodone is called by several names on the street, including “Vikes,” “Hydro” and “Narco.”

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