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Let’s Talk Drugs: A Podcast

Let’s Talk Drugs takes a close look at drugs and their impact on our lives, from explaining and describing their effects, to exposing their serious consequences. Why do drugs work the way they do? What kinds of damage can they cause? Are there any “safe” drugs? Drug education must be accessible, which is why we use simple language to articulate complex processes. We aim to share up-to-date research with all listeners by incorporating evidence-based facts and personal stories of addiction and substance abuse so that everyone can make the most informed decisions when it comes to drugs and alcohol. It shouldn’t take a neuroscience degree to understand how drugs work and why they can be dangerous. We translate current drug research into easy-to-understand terms so that everyone has access to vital safety information. Subscribe to stay up-to-date on drug happenings!

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A Hopeful Future – War and Drugs: Veteran Battles Ep 3

What does the future look like for veterans recovering after wartime? We investigate promising new approaches to veteran care, including MDMA-assisted therapy, and how these may impact the future for struggling veterans. There is always hope for recovery.

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The Fallout – War and Drugs: Veteran Battles Ep 2

Once the war is over, a new battle begins. Veterans returning home from war face many challenges, including PTSD, coping with injuries, and insufficient resources to help them adjust to day-to-day living outside the military. Many veterans turn to alcohol and drugs to cope with these difficult issues, which can complicate or derail the healing process.

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From Tank to Tanked – War and Drugs: Veteran Battles Ep 1

Drugs and war have a long history together. For centuries, drugs have been used by soldiers during wartime, often at the encouragement of their leaders. Why was drug use encouraged during war? What drugs are most commonly used during war? We explore these questions and more in this episode!

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Compromised Consent – Sex & Drugs: The Full Story Ep 2

Drugs and alcohol are distinctly involved in sexual assault because they can undermine a person’s ability to give full consent. What is the fallout for survivors of drug-fueled rape, and how can we work together to protect each other from these experiences?

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Getting High While Getting Down – Sex & Drugs: The Full Story Ep 1

Poppers, ecstasy, cocaine, oh my! Lots of people use drugs to enhance sex. But, what could this mean for your health? We sat down with sexpert Amy Baldwin to get to the bottom of it.

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Your Nose Knows Something You Don’t – 5 Surprising Facts About Marijuana

It’s weird, it’s unpredictable, and it’s linked with schizophrenia (yes, really). The effects can be different for everyone, and the smell of marijuana can tell you a lot more about a particular strain than you might think.

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New Year’s Day: Sobering Up After the Holidays

Hangovers are the worst. Is there any way to cure them? Our friend Dan explains what hangovers are, why they hurt so much, and what we can do to get better, faster. As you head into the new year, make sure you’re armed with drinking facts so that you can have a good time and, most importantly, stay safe.

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Everyday Ways We Can Help – The Opioid Overdose Epidemic Ep 5

The opioid crisis affects everyone, and we all need to work together to end it. We discuss advice for how to help and reasons to hold onto hope in the midst of this epidemic.

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The Addict’s Perspective – The Opioid Overdose Epidemic Ep 4

We’ve looked at the crisis from many perspectives, but what about the people who it affects the most? Stephanie Muzzy is a recovering heroin addict, and she shared her own experiences with addiction and this epidemic, from multiple overdoses to finding sobriety.

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The Doctor’s Perspective – The Opioid Overdose Epidemic Ep 3

The healthcare industry has taken drastic steps to try to alleviate these overdose rates, but how effective have these efforts been? What options to doctors have to help curb overprescribing and help people who genuinely need painkillers to cope? Dr. Stephen Grinstead describes the medical perspective on this crisis and his own efforts to help.

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The Law Enforcement Perspective – The Opioid Overdose Epidemic Ep 2

How has the opioid crisis affected law enforcement? What kinds of efforts are being made within U.S. police departments to curb this epidemic? Detective Nicole Lucas explains how her department has made a dent in this ongoing struggle.

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My First (And Last) Time Taking Percocet – The Opioid Overdose Epidemic Ep 1

Experimenting with opioids can quickly turn dangerous, as Lollie learned in her first (and last) time taking Percocet. Even a “mild” opioid overdose can be extremely risky, and knowing what to do if you find yourself overdosing could save your life.

Can Your Brain Ever Truly Recover? – Your Brain on Drugs Ep 4

Can your brain ever fully recover after drug abuse or addiction? We’ve learned that drugs change your brain, but are these changes permanent? We circle back with Dr. Scott Salomone to discuss what addiction means for the brain and how you can heal.

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Let’s Get Weird – Your Brain on Drugs Ep 3

Alright, let’s dive into the weird drugs: marijuana and psychedelics (mushrooms, acid, and ecstasy). These drugs have stumped researchers, but why? Dr. Ben Romoli explains how these drugs work and why they are so strange.

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Overdose, Heart Attacks, and Blackouts – Your Brain on Drugs Ep 2

Dr. Ben Romoli, a neuroscientist studying drug addiction, explains why opioids like heroin and painkillers cause so many overdose deaths; why stimulants like Adderall, cocaine, or meth put your heart at risk; and why depressants like alcohol and benzodiazepines can cause blackouts when you’re using and seizures when you quit.

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How Do They Work? – Your Brain on Drugs Ep 1

What really happens when someone takes a drug? What’s going on in their brain to produce such wild effects? We sat down with Dr. Scott Salomone, a resident in psychiatry, to talk about how drugs work in the brain and how these effects could lead to addiction.

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Ecstasy Brain Holes, Sobering Coffee, and Marijuana Medicine – 9 Popular Drug Myths Ep 3

Will ecstasy really cause holes in your brain? Does drinking coffee help sober you up after a night of drinking? If marijuana is considered medical, does that mean it’s completely safe? We’ve all heard these rumors, but what does the research say? Listen in to find out!

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LSD, Prescription Pills, and The Stereotypical Addict – 9 Popular Drug Myths Ep 2

Does LSD stay in your body forever? If a pill comes from a doctor, does that mean it’s safe? What does an addict look like? It’s important to know the facts when it comes to drugs, so we searched the studies to see if any of these myths had evidence behind them.

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Heroin, Alcohol, and The Addiction “Cure” – 9 Popular Drug Myths Ep 1

Can you get addicted to heroin the first time you use it? Isn’t alcohol only dangerous if you’re addicted to it? Aren’t addicts cured after rehab? We’ve heard these myths many times, but is there any truth to them? Tune in to find out!

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Why D.A.R.E. Failed and How We Can Help – Alcohol & Pop Culture Ep 4

Okay, we have a better idea of how our culture has impacted our drinking, but what can we all do about it? Education alone has been proven not to work, so what actually does work, and how can we carry that into our everyday lives?

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Are You Being Brainwashed? – Alcohol & Pop Culture Ep 3

Can your favorite music brainwash you into drinking? We look deeper into the many ways that our everyday world is shaping our drinking habits. From TV and movies to sports and social media, you’ll be surprised how many things may be influencing how much you drink.

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Whiskey Dick & Party Culture – Alcohol & Pop Culture Ep 2

Why do people drink alcohol? Is being a weekend warrior as dangerous as being a regular heavy drinker? And what’s the deal with whiskey dick? Dr. Olivier George explains all the important things you need to know before you head out for a weekend binge.

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The Dangers of Drinking – Alcohol & Pop Culture Ep 1

These days, we can find almost any reason to drink. But, what kind of consequences are our bodies suffering because of this culture of drinking? I sat down with Dr. Olivier George, a neuroscientist specializing in drugs and addiction, to find out.

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Let’s Talk Drugs is a recovery podcast from that takes an in-depth look at substance abuse in an accurate, digestible way. We proudly join other amazing sobriety podcasts, AA podcasts, and addiction recovery radio shows to encourage well-informed decisions when it comes to substance abuse. is dedicated to providing accurate information about substances and addiction to young adults and their families so that everyone can be informed when it comes to substance abuse. Understanding drugs, from their effects to the culture that surrounds them, is a vital part of preventing the serious damage that they can cause.

It is not enough to simply know that a drug can be dangerous, we need to know why it can be dangerous. Harm reduction has proved time and time again to be the best approach to saving lives, and Let’s Talk Drugs hopes to contribute to this cause in our own way. Rather than relying on myths and stories, we look closely at the real-world research behind drug effects and consequences. Our shows feature interviews with doctors, neuroscientists, police officers, and real people who have struggled (or are struggling) with addiction or other drug abuse consequences so that you can hear every perspective. We discuss current events and political changes in drug policy to provide a comprehensive take on the modern world of drugs. Let’s Talk Drugs is a drug podcast like no other, providing evidence-based information to help you better understand drug and alcohol use, addiction, and recovery.

If you have a question that you’d like answered, reach out to us at #LetsTalkDrugs