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What are Effects of Mixing Alcohol and Mushrooms?

According to the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention, more than 8 percent of people over the age of 12 experimented with illegal drugs within the last month. This percentage represents all forms of illegal substances, including marijuana and mushrooms. Some refer to this latter substance as magic mushrooms because of the way the mushrooms make users feel.

What Are Mushrooms?

projectknow-shutter135117653-mushroomsThe term “mushrooms,” or “magic mushrooms,” refers to the 12 different types of mushroom that have hallucinogenic effects. Some addicts use mushrooms because they enjoy the feelings they evoke, which mimic the feel of LSD. The mushrooms are available in fresh and dried forms. Addicts typically eat or cook with the fresh mushrooms, or steep the dried mushrooms in water to make tea. It is possible for someone to get addicted to a combination of mushrooms and alcohol. The addict might mix the mushrooms with alcohol when making tea or might simply drink alcohol when taking the mushrooms.

Effects of Mixing These Drugs

When you ingest magic mushrooms, they produce specific effects. You might experience one or more of the following effects of mixing alcohol and mushrooms:

  • Changes to the way that you hear things
  • Changes in the way things look to you
  • Delusions
  • Paranoid feelings
  • Loss of control
  • Sleepiness
  • Nervousness
  • Nausea
  • Unusual tastes in the mouth
  • Feeling like you cannot get up or move
  • Flashbacks

Developing an Addiction

Someone who is addicted to mushrooms and alcohol exhibits symptoms of both alcoholism and drug addiction. People who have an addiction to mushrooms often cannot control their impulses. You might find that you spend more time thinking about getting your next fix than you spend thinking about other things in your life.

If you suffer from an drug abuse or addiction to both substances, you might find yourself hiding them around the house. Addicts typically do this because they do not want others to know about their addiction. Addicts also mix mushrooms and alcohol when others are not around. Those who use mushrooms in the company of others are sometimes seen to be recreational users, but if you find yourself using mushrooms and alcohol on your own, you might have a more serious problem. If you would like to talk to someone about possible solutions for your problem, call to talk to an expert in the field.

Building up a Tolerance

One of the biggest dangers of mixing mushrooms with alcohol is that you can build up a tolerance to the substances. Addicts need to take more mushrooms after the first trip just to get the same effects. As the effects of the mushrooms last in your system for at least four days, you might take larger doses each time. When you mix mushrooms with alcohol, you increase your tolerance level. Alcohol dulls the senses, which makes it harder to experience the pleasure you want from the mushrooms.

Experiencing Flashbacks

“The flashback can occur at a time when the addict did not use mushrooms or alcohol.” Those who are addicted to mushrooms and alcohol might experience flashbacks. Flashbacks occur when an addict discovers himself vividly remembering a specific event or moment. This often occurs because you see something or do something that reminds you of a previous time when you took mushrooms.

Mushroom flashbacks are no different than LSD flashbacks. The flashback can occur at a time when the addict did not use mushrooms or alcohol. The residual substances left in the body are strong enough to trigger the flashback. You might suffer a flashback when standing in line at the grocery store, in the middle of class or even while driving down the road.

Treatment Options Available

Whether you have a problem, or you know someone who has a problem with drugs, you can get help in the form of drug addiction treatment programs. Many centers offer programs for those addicted to one or more substances, including those addicted to mushrooms and alcohol. Call to get more information on the different types of treatment programs in your area. We can help you stop mixing alcohol and mushrooms so you can get on the path to a sober, balanced life.


  • Mushrooms also go by the names “liberties,” “shrooms,” “mushies” and “magics.”
  • Magic mushrooms are a wild mushroom found in several areas throughout the world.
  • The Drug Acts 2005 listed magic mushrooms as a Class A drug. Those caught with the mushrooms face large fines and jail time.
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