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Roxanol addiction treatment is important for those who have used or are using Roxanol and are suffering from dependency or addiction. Roxanol, otherwise known as rectal morphine, is used to help patients relieve moderate to severe pain from any number of injuries, surgeries or other conditions. It is a narcotic drug, also known as an opiate analgesic.
“Roxanol rehab and detox are important for those who have addictions.”
Roxanol changes the way the body and brain recognize pain. This drug is meant as a prescription-only product. Roxanol rehab and detox are important for those who have addictions, and detox and rehabilitation can mean the difference between withdrawal, overdose, and a normal life. If you would like to learn more about Roxanol and how it affects the body, who takes it, why it is prescribed, symptoms of withdrawal or other topics, contact our 24-hour hotline at . Our helpful staff is happy to help you.

Did You Know?

According to PubMed, people who take Roxanol should not stand for 15 minutes after a dose.

How Is Roxanol Taken?

Roxanol comes as a suppository that is placed into the rectum for dosing. This medication is taken every four hours, and it helps patients manage pain. This drug may be beneficial to those who have difficulties taking pills by mouth or taking injections. Rectal morphine should be taken at the same time every day for pain management. If it starts to work less effectively, a doctor should be consulted. To learn more about Roxanol addiction treatment, call us today.

Addiction Treatment Options

“A dependency could occur if a user needs to take the drug over a long period of time or at high doses.”
Roxanol addiction treatment is beneficial to those who face dependency or addiction to morphine. A tolerance can be built to the drug by the body, which means that a person will have to take more of the drug to achieve the same effects. If this occurs, a doctor should be consulted. There are other types of painkillers that can be used to manage pain that will prevent an increase in the prescription and possible dependency. A dependency could occur if a user needs to take the drug over a long period of time or at high doses. This can cause difficulties for the patient and make it hard to function in daily life. During a full addiction, patients may crave or take the drug when unnecessary, allowing the craving to take over all parts of their lives.

Did You Know?

Dependency is not the same as addiction.

Side Effects and Withdrawal Symptoms

People who take rectal morphine can develop a dependence while taking the drug as directed. To stop the dependency to the drug, a doctor may suggest a tapering program. A tapering program allows the patient to take less of the drug over an extended period of time. This helps prevent withdrawal symptoms and allows the body to adjust to working without Roxanol. Roxanol addiction treatment may be needed if the tapering process is not working or if patients do not want to stop taking the drug.

There are some normal side effects a patient may experience with Roxanol. These include:

  • Lightheadedness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dry mouth
  • Confusion
  • Weakness
  • Stomach pain
  • Drowsiness

If you would like to learn more about potential side effects and how they could affect your body, contact our drug hotline at . We are happy to help you understand how a medication could affect your body.

Patients may attend detoxification and rehabilitation if they need Roxanol addiction treatment. Detoxification is always completed first and requires a patient to completely stop taking the drug. A taper may be one possible way of completing detoxification, but the method used will be determined by the doctor and medical staff members who are caring for the patient.

Did You Know?

Seeking treatment for dependency can help prevent addiction.

Types of Roxanol Rehab

outpatient treatmentIf a patient has a serious addiction, inpatient treatment may be requested. This allows the patient to live at the detox center during Roxanol addiction treatment. Medical staff is available at all times, and the treatment can take as long as necessary. Withdrawal is also monitored during detoxification to make it as easy as possible for the patient.

Patients with mild addictions or dependencies may complete outpatient treatment. Outpatient detox allows patients to come and go from the clinic during treatment, often only coming in for physicals, therapies and blood work. This allows patients to maintain a normal home, school or work life.

Did You Know?

Detoxification is a prerequisite to rehabilitation.

After detoxification, patients go on to complete rehabilitation. This is either an inpatient or outpatient service. Inpatient services allow patients to live on site, which provides a supportive peer group, medical staff, and a place to live, eat and so on. Patients may participate in therapies during rehabilitation.

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