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Depade, which is also marketed under the name naltrexone, is a drug that is used to treat alcohol and opiate dependence. It is classified as an antidote drug, and it is usually used to slowly wean individuals off alcohol or opiates in treatment facilities. Depade can be injected into the body or supplied to patients in the form of an extended-release tablet. It is also given to patients who overdose on opiates to keep their bodies from going into shock.
Depade is a drug that affects the brain’s functions.”
Depade addiction treatment is available to anyone who becomes dependent on the drug. If you or someone you know has developed an addiction to alcohol or opiates or needs help with Depade addiction, call to be connected with a detox and rehabilitation center in your area.

Depade is a drug that affects the brain’s functions. Its main purpose is to help those who are addicted to opiates or alcohol lose their desire for these substances. This drug is usually prescribed to patients who are receiving inpatient or outpatient care for their addiction to alcohol, opiates or both. When a person is using Depade, doctors typically advise the individual to refrain from taking other drugs, including over-the-counter medications, without consulting them first.

Did You Know?

Heavy drinkers can decrease their cravings for alcohol by 25 percent by taking Depade.

How Addiction Develops

A person who is heavily addicted to opiates or alcohol may become dependent on Depade very quickly. Most mind-altering substances, such as Depade, are psychologically and physically addictive. There are many individuals who believe that they cannot get through their addiction on their own. These individuals rely on certain substances to cope with the mental and physical aspects of withdrawing from drugs. Depade is a substance that many former addicts abuse in order to stay off drugs or alcohol. This dependency causes some individuals to take more than the allotted amount without consulting their physician. Depade addiction treatment is available for those who need help overcoming this dependency.

Usually, when people take Depade, there is a nurse or a medical professional available to watch them take it. If it is taken in pill form, doctors generally prescribe 50 milligrams of Depade once per day. Injections are often administered once per day as well. There are some instances when doctors prescribe smaller doses of Depade to patients who are undergoing drug treatment on an outpatient basis. Doctors generally expect the patient to follow the instructions printed on the prescription package, but many patients decide not to adhere to them. Those who do not live at a drug treatment facility are more likely to abuse Depade because they are not taking it under the supervision of a doctor or medical practitioner.

Depade abuse is especially common in those who have a strong desire to abstain from alcohol and opiates because of its ability to diminish drug and alcohol cravings. Depade addiction treatment is available to former addicts who often credit this drug for their success and feel like they cannot refrain from drugs without taking it. If you want more information about overcoming an addiction to Depade, give us a call at today.

Did You Know?

Depade is usually given to patients throughout the duration of their stay at a drug rehabilitation facility.

Overdose Signs

If a person takes more Depade than what was prescribed by his or her doctor, certain side effects may develop. High doses of Depade may cause the following symptoms:

  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry mouth
  • Excessive sweating
  • Headaches

“Rehab centers have trained professionals available to counsel those who are in dire need of help.”
At inpatient facilities, treatment specialists are available to assist those who experience these symptoms. Those who experience these symptoms while away from their treatment center should contact a medical practitioner right away. Depade addiction treatment is always available to help those who have formed a psychological addiction to this drug. Rehab centers have trained professionals available to counsel those who are in dire need of help.

Did You Know?

Opiate addiction and abuse cost Americans over $484 billion annually.

Signs of Depade Addiction

Many former addicts are so happy to be drug- and alcohol-free that they do not realize that they’ve become addicted to another substance. However, there are some symptoms that are good indicators that you or a loved one has formed an addiction to this drug. These addiction warning signs include:

  • Compulsion to use Depade more than prescribed
  • Failed attempts to stop using Depade after completing treatment
  • Lying to doctors to obtain additional prescriptions of Depade
  • Preoccupation with making sure that you never run out of Depade
  • Feeling unhappy or irritable if Depade is not available


Did You Know?

Depade can help individuals detox from drugs and alcohol more rapidly.

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