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Fiorinal is a prescription drug used to relieve pain. The drug is also used as an anti-inflammatory and to reduce fever. The active ingredients of Fiorinal are caffeine, butalbital and aspirin, and the butalbital means Fiorinal is classified as a barbiturate. It interferes with signals sent from the brain to the central nervous system and slows down the brain’s functions. This causes the body to relax. Headache, muscle ache and high fever are just a few of the conditions people will treat with this medication.

According to USA Today, thousands of Americans die from painkiller overdoses each year, and the number of deaths has tripled in the last decade. Addiction can occur unintentionally and as a result of misusing the drug recreationally. For more information on Fiorinal addiction treatment, call today.

Symptoms of Addiction

projectknow-shutter390364285-blue-pillsAddicts will show signs of substance abuse, and some are easy to notice. If someone is taking his or her medication more often than directed or is taking large amounts at one time, these may be signs of addiction. Taking the medication without a prescription and buying it illegally on the streets are other addiction warning signs. Becoming agitated and moody without the medication and going to several doctors to get the medications are additional warning signs. Some addicts will also show psychological and social indications of addiction.

Addicts will begin to withdraw from personal relationships and familiar social groups. They may find a new group of friends that share their new habits, and they may lose interest in responsibilities like family, work and school. Many addicts will also have a mental illness and may indicate having depression or an anxiety disorder. Any of these indications are a cause for concern. If you recognize any of these symptoms, you need to get Fiorinal addiction treatment for the addict right away.

Fiorinal Rehab

“During Fiorinal detox, the addict will be cut off from the drug.”
There are many Fiorinal rehab options for addicts. Inpatient options are often the best for a substance abuser because in a rehab setting, the user has no access to any type of illegal substances. In a rehab center, addicts are surrounded by medical professionals and highly trained staff while going through the detoxification process. While attending therapy sessions, the addict will get clean in rehab and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle without drugs. Therapy will be one on one with a counselor or in a group setting with other recovering addicts. This helps the addict solve personal problems and get support from others. Many will continue with outpatient rehab after completing the inpatient program successfully.

During Fiorinal detox, the addict will be cut off from the drug. Some addicts may need to be weaned off the medication in moderation. This will depend on how severe the addiction was, how long the patient was on Fiorinal, and how much he or she was taking every day. The withdrawal process can be challenging for the addict, and he or she may experience symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Cravings
  • Mood swings
  • Agitation

After the withdrawal stage is over, a significant part of Fiorinal addiction treatment is complete. With the love, encouragement and support of family and friends, this process is doable for the addict. For more information about withdrawal and treatment, call today.

Confronting the Addict

projectknow-shutter143791594-talking-to-smiling-doctorYou will have to convince an addict to get treatment. This can be hard, and the addict will often resist treatment or medical help. Addicts will have a hard time admitting there is a problem, and they don’t usually reach out for treatment. Parents of a minor are able to force the addict into rehab center, but an adult has to go on his or her own. Expressing any concerns that you have for the safety of your loved one who is suffering from the addiction and for his or her well-being may be enough to get the addict to commit to a Fiorinal addiction treatment program. Those who have a medical emergency like an overdose or hospitalization from substance abuse may be ordered to attend a Fiorinal addiction treatment center.

Recognizing Fiorinal addiction symptoms is important. The longer a patient is in treatment, the more successful the treatment will be. Help encourage the addict to get medical help and to continue getting help until he or she is clean. To fight the addiction, in addition to proper treatment and enough time for recovery, the sufferer needs to commit himself or herself to a healthy lifestyle as well as receive love and support from family members and friends.

Reports from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that 27,000 Americans died in 2007 from the misuse of prescription drugs, both intentionally and unintentionally. Be sure to look for the addiction signs carefully. Anyone can become addicted to Fiorinal while taking the medication, and finding the right addiction treatment center is the first step to recovery. Get answers to questions and concerns you have about Fiorinal addiction treatment by calling .

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