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Quaalude Detox and Withdrawal

You might hear people talk about Quaaludes and not realize that this drug still has a presence on the streets. Some people associate the pills with the 1970s when it reached its height of popularity.
“You might hear people talk about Quaaludes and not realize that this drug still has a presence on the streets.”
People still use the drug today because it acts as a suppressant. The medication can make you feel lightheaded, dizzy and sleepy. People use different names for this drug, including “lovers,” “lennons,” “sopes,” “flowers” and “quad.”

The History of Quaaludes

According to, the history of Quaaludes dates back to the 1950s when manufacturers started working on the drug. The drug hit the United States the following decade but quickly became a problem because people began using it as a recreational drug. Not long after the medication arrived in the country, the government began banning its use. Many of the Quaaludes sold in the United States today are illegal drugs produced by those working outside the law. If you discover that someone you know has a problem with Quaaludes, you can find Quaalude detox centers by calling us at .

Potential Dangers

One of the greatest dangers associated with using Quaaludes relates to the side effects of the drug. Frequent users exhibit poor decision-making skills that can lead to serious accidents. The drugs delay reaction times, make it difficult to concentrate, and they can change the way that the brain processes ideas. A Quaalude detox program can help you stop using the drugs and lead you to a drug-free life again.

Symptoms of Withdrawal

vomitingWhen you take Quaaludes, your body processes the drug. Eventually, your body regards the drug as something you need, similar to food or water. After a user decides to stop taking the drug, he might discover that he exhibits the classic symptoms of withdrawal, including:

  • Restless thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Irritability
  • Vomiting
  • Shaking or tremors
  • Seizures
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Headaches
  • Muscle weakness
  • Confusion
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea

Treating Addiction

Quaalude detox centers provide the support that patients need when treating their addiction. Some of these centers have years of experience because they appeared during the height of Quaalude usage in the 1970s. If you had a broken ankle, you would visit a doctor for addiction treatment. You should view addiction in the same way because an addiction to Quaaludes is a disease. You wouldn’t wait for the broken ankle to heal on its own, and you shouldn’t wait for an addiction to heal on its own either.

Addiction is a psychological and physiological condition. Someone with an addiction exhibits physical and psychological side effects when she stops taking the drug. A good Quaalude detox center provides support for all stages of the recovery process. These centers offer indoor and outdoor activities that take the patient’s mind off drugs, which can help with the cravings. You might find that the center offers hikes in the mountains, basketball games outside, swimming or other forms of physical activity.
“When you get in touch with us, you get the help you need.”
Quaalude withdrawal treatment facilities also offer indoor activities for recovering addicts, including therapy sessions, 12-step meetings, and even arts and crafts. Some centers offer medications for addicts, which help the patients get through the withdrawal process without exhibiting any of the common severe withdrawal symptoms.

Help Is Available

When you get in touch with us, you get the help you need. Help is on your side, and help is only a phone call away. We want to give you access to the best Quaalude detox center for your needs. You can find a private center with elegantly furnished private rooms and views of the mountains. We can match you with a Quaalude withdrawal treatment facility that has all the amenities you need for yourself or someone you love.


  • The street names for Quaalude include “quacks,” “ludes” and “soaps.”
  • The United States government listed Quaaludes as a Schedule II drug in 1973. It is illegal to use or carry Quaaludes without a doctor’s prescription.

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