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Any Length Retreat

15401 Cameron Rd, Pflugerville, Texas, 78660
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About Any Length Retreat

The Any Length Retreat is located just North of Austin, TX on a beautiful five acre property. Any Length is a non-clinical, private pay model that empowers men who have not had success in staying sober on their own or have tried countless other traditional treatments and methods and continue to repeat the same behaviors. What makes Any Length so much more effective than traditional treatment is the fact that all of their staff have recovered from addiction, giving them real-life experience on what it takes to recover. Any Length works when other places fail. They teach men a whole new way of living through the principles outlined in the 12 steps. They specialize in treating 18-35 year-olds, who have attempted to get sober multiple times. At Any Length Retreat men and their families find lifelong recovery through the in-depth study and application of the 12 steps. Don't hesitate to reach out to us and speak with someone who has been through it and recovered from it.

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I thought long and hard about writing this but felt this place did more damage than good for me. After leaving this place and relapsing (About 3 years ago). I was able to experience a real treatment facility that incorporated the psychiatric care that I needed. My first run here I was kicked out (literally a day before my discharge) because of a ridiculous contract system that they had in place that was supposed to instill “discipline” for us (3 contracts you are out lol), but they let me into their sober living program (yea I’m guessing because my family was financially stable lol). I guess that insecure Navy grunt didnt get to run his fantasy recovery boot camp after all (he talked a lot about his salary and the navy days which is why I assumed he was insecure). I could go on and on about the insane events that happened here that put immense emotional stress on me (such as the staff's harsh punishments and cracked down of simple broken rules), but I digres. I Came back for a second time, then realized same BS just not the original director running it (o wow just now the staff members can’t have a power trip on you and we are place of love now lol). I Decided to go to a meeting in the area after I left my 2nd time. A staff member and clients were there. Long story short he passive aggressively called me out for leaving in front of the whole meeting (in a very sly manner that wasn’t direct), giving a laugh to the clients that were with him and the people in the room. I asked my sponsor at the time if I was just hearing things or overthinking what he said (because I was detoxing) and he confirmed that it sounded like he was calling me out in petty way. Must be funny to laugh at addict detoxing off 6 different drugs in the rooms (all because you took my ama personally). Not sure if you see this Matt Lowman, but that moment seeded a long-lasting hate for AA for me. Which was NOT what I needed as an addict seeking help. Anyways, I felt I needed to write this because this place represents what is wrong with the industry. They are just selling you a big book retreat. When recovery in fact is more than just the 12 steps (though it is important part of it). Find a place that is run by REAL licensed professionals (therapists and doctors who are also recovered addicts) running it. That also incorporate the 12 steps. Avoid this place and send your loved one to a place run by people who know what they are doing and have studied this their whole life. NOTE: some of these 5 stars reviews (especially the ones from years ago) might not actually be accurate or may have bias because of the manner they were given. When I was there, we were required to write out a review as we were discharging. Some of us were going straight to their sober living house after discharging. How do you expect someone to write an accurate review of your program when are next destination and home is your sober living? I had to write my review right next to the founder and the now executive director (sounds pretty unethical to me). Typical case of a company inflating its reviews. Anyways, my review may be harsh and critical, but it is only because I experienced the correct care afterward and felt this place had wasted me and my famlies time and money. I’ve also taken some time to reflect on my time here over the years. Sometimes people write reviews because they are on the pink cloud of early recovery and/or there loved one is doing great after JUST leaving this place. I do not want anyone to make the mistake of sending a loved one here. This place might have changed, but the questionable decesions they have made in the past on how they ran the program and who they hired make be skeptical on what they are doing now. If it worked for you great, but if you’re an addict like me that deals with other major psychiatric issues that went undiagnosed here then take a hard pass. Cheers. ( there are a few hand full of great guys I met here in the community who I still think about- only positive Ill give you from my time here)
This is a "shame based" rehab facility. If you or your loved one struggles with despression, i would highly NOT recommend this place. They do not offer family re-connection or any type of clinical services. If the client wants to seek another level of care or a more positive affirming care, they will not help you. Instead they will hand you your things and make you walk tonthe nearest town. (Which is 12 miles away) i have personally witnessed a staff member calling a client derogatory names because he was struggling with depression and didnt have the motivation to get out of bed, he then proceeded to tell the client if he wanted to go to a higher level of care then he would give him his things and he could walk there. This place is an absolute nightmare and would not recommend to anyone that struggles with self esteem issues along with addiction issues.
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Incredible 12 step program with a special staff that is passionate about helping people rover from drug addiction. This place saved my life.
Official Facility Response:
We appreciate the kind words! Can say enough about how meaningful it is to be a part of a program that touches so many lives in a positive way.
Any Length Retreat carries the same message that saved my life! I’m so grateful to be apart of this place! The staff here is phenomenal and the message they carry is one they all have experience with themselves. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is afflicted from alcoholism and drug addiction!
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
This is a quality program meant for people who are completely unable to stop using alcohol and drugs. It is run by all recovered alcoholics and addicts who were once just as hopeless. Authentic camaraderie, individual focused curriculum, and homelike atmosphere is what sets this place apart from other places.