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405 7th Ave. SW, Largo, Florida, 33770
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Clean Life's mission is to care for all guests with the disease of addiction with dignity, respect, compassion, and equality on their journey back to their individual prime health. We are committed to helping in a nondiscriminatory manner, by providing a healthy and caring environment during their journey to recovery. They will be treated as whole brings instead of broken vessels. We believe in mind, body, and soul; as well as, a kind, loving and nonjudgmental home for detoxification. Our goal through our core values is to strengthen all patients who come through our door.

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Awful experience. I am type one insulin dependent diabetic, its very stressful always worry about how much sugar and carbohydrates every time I eat its a math problem. I was diagnosed 5 years ago. I had problem with alcohol long before. There is no sugar in vodka and contrary to popular belief the body does not turn alcohol into sugar. Does alcohol turn to sugar in your body? It's a frequent question that seems widely accepted as truth. But is it? Well, this persistent myth is totally false. Sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods raise your blood glucose level, while alcohol actually has the opposite effect — it makes your blood sugar drop. Your on a computer reading this, look it up if don't believe me. Anyway at "Curasouth" they have no meal plan for diabetics and if you complain they act like you have "entitlement issues" and none of the staff has a clue about diabetes. Anyway long story short I finished my detox medication days and decided it was better to go home then to stick around for several more days with nothing to do, battle insonia trying sleep in a room with a stranger and use the public shared bathroom in the hallways AND STRUGGLE WITH MY DIET AND BLOOD SUGAR because these people wouldent help me with my diet no matter how I complained. It was too stressful, nothing on the menue but carbs and all the snacks same thing. Thats when the nightmare started, these creeps have a policy of confiscating your belongings and LISTENING TO PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS by making you talk to family on speakerphone so they can hang up if you complain about the place. I wanted to go home, nothing to gain sitting around for days no more detox medication and they take my belongings hostage wallet phone and keys including my insulin and blood sugar meter. What I did was insist on calling my family and quickly say whats going on and to send the police if they don't here from me on my own phone in 2 hours. I was not going to go walk the streets try to get home with empty pockets no ID no phone ect. This place is awful, I call it lipstick on a pig, fancy Florida landscaping on the outside creepy psychiatric lockup on the inside. Im a grown man in my 50s that drank too much and wanted medical help, not a one flew over the cocko nest psychiatric lockup. No one told me these creepy policies these people listening to PRIVATE conversations on speakerphone like you were arrested in scary foreign country. Its my suggestion to stay away from this place. I am local I drank myself into a corner and this was nearby but I can't believe people got on airplanes to come here. If your still well enough to get on an airplane shop around for a place that not creepy lockup like here.