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Recovery Place Inc

835 E. 65th Street, Savannah, Georgia, 31405
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About Recovery Place Inc

Recovery Place, Inc. was established in 1984 as a healing center for Savannah area residents in need of drug treatment, alcohol treatment and behavioral health therapy. The services we provide are varied to enable individuals and families find lasting solutions for their individualized needs. Our caring and experienced staff works every day to ensure clients get the tools they need to cope with their substance abuse and/or mental health problems while enriching their lives. Every program at Recovery Place helps our clients acquire both the courage and the skills to begin a new life.

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Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
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This is the most unprofessional recovery establishment I\'ve come across. The staff are clearly untrained and under supervised. Their \"treatment plans\" consist of paper packets with \"fill in the blank\" pages. There is 0 effort or thought put into treatment and individualized care is non-existent (unless you consider special treatment and blind favoritism individualized, fair treatment). They behave as if they are prison guards, not care professionals. The basis for the majority of their decisions is not thoughtful or deliberate, it\'s just whatever they feel like doing that day. They have more staff members who have never had an issue with addiction than those with personal experience - whom boast an attitude of moral turpitude toward clients/patients. The staff constantly violate HIPAA by discussing patient/client business among other patients/clients. They also treat the men much better than the women. They have different curfews and permissions (WHERE they can smoke, when they can leave, the places they can go, etc.) These people have absolutely no business \"helping\" people with behavioral issues. I have never felt worse than a recovering alcoholic than those that are court mandated to absolute madness and misery at the hands of Recovery Place. They put my sister through absolute hell while she did everything she could to get better. She would follow instructions and then get in trouble with someone else for following those instructions. She was forced to abandon people in her recovery fellowship who had been by her side her entire stay, all because they wanted to shake things up. They then forced her to abandon the steps she was actively working to go back to the beginning - impeding real growth. When a plant grows to big for its pot, you don\'t chop off the roots by which its expanding, you give it a bigger pot. Recovery Place chops roots, if that wasn\'t clear. They are causing more harm than good.
This place is a joke. Some people can fail drug test and nothing happens but others pass and get kicked out because they want them to tell on others. Do not recommend this place at all
**after my son left the recovery place which is an \" in network\" program for my insurance, we received a call saying we have been sent to collections. After researching this ,we found that insurance is more than willing to pay the claim. They had not been contacted by the recovery place. The recovery place says they went back and forth with the insurance and sent out several letters in which we received none. Apparently the negotiated rate in which the recovery place has with the insurance companies is not enough so they go after the families ...Just wanted to bring awareness of the type of deals one can possibly expect from the recovery place.
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
They were supportive and worked with family to continue support even after check out.
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
There was good education provided about addiction; the personnel and experience were also great. However, there was not enough one on one time.