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Finding Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Near You

Best Inpatient Drug  and Rehab Centers Near Me

According to a study done by Mental Health America in 2020, 1,028,000 (4.13%) of U.S. teens and 18,878,000 (7.68%) of adults have struggled with a substance abuse disorder in the previous year.1 If you or a loved one are part of this statistic, you can receive quality care and get on the road to recovery at one of the best drug rehab centers in the U.S

These facilities provide comprehensive, customized, and top-rated drug and alcohol treatment plans that are easily available in many locations across the United States. Drawing from the long and extensive history of drug rehabilitation, these centers follow the highest standards of medical and psychological care. 

In the 2018 National Survey of Substance Abuse Services, which included 14,809 treatment facilities nationwide, 12,243 (82.7%) rendered outpatient services, 3,500 (23.6%) offered inpatient drug rehab in a non-hospital setting, and 785 (5.3%) provided hospital inpatient care.2 Due to their widespread availability, finding a top-rated rehabilitation center near you is easier than you might expect. Read on to learn how to find the best drug addiction help and regain control of your life.

What Are the Levels of Care Offered by the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers?

The challenges every patient faces are different, so it’s vital to match an individual’s specific needs with a meticulously designed treatment plan.3 Top-rated rehab centers offer an extensive range of services that can suit the needs of each particular patient:3

  • Residential treatment: The best residential drug treatment and mental health facilities offer around-the-clock professional assistance, which is suitable for people who need to undergo a more intense program.3 Residential treatment consists of a variety of evidence-based methods, such as medically assisted detox, medication management, behavioral therapies, and aftercare planning.
  • Detox services and medical detox: Detoxification is a necessary first stage in a patient’s recovery process, in which they wean off drugs in a safe, medically supervised manner.4 Best drug detox programs minimize the discomfort caused by withdrawal and create favorable conditions for the patient to stay on the right track.4
  • Outpatient services: Top-rated outpatient drug rehab involves visiting the facility on a schedule to attend therapy. Depending on the patient’s needs, it can be more or less intensive. Outpatient treatment is suitable for individuals with less serious health concerns and have a strong support system outside the facility.3
  • Behavioral therapies: The best substance abuse treatment centers conduct a wide range of behavioral therapies to get at the root cause of addiction and help the person heal. They can be organized as group, individual, family, or couples’ therapy sessions. These centers take a holistic approach and cater to a patient’s multiple needs, treating their co-occurring mental health concerns along with their substance abuse.
  • Aftercare: Aftercare planning may improve an individual’s chances of maintaining sobriety in the long run. Once a patient’s stay at a treatment facility or participation in an outpatient program is over, best rehabs make sure they still have the resources and support they need.3 A total of 12,715 (85.9%) of facilities that participated in a 2018 survey offered aftercare.2
  • Sober houses: This type of accommodation offers a transition between inpatient rehab and the return to your normal routine.5 They give you a safe, drug-free environment where you can receive the support of peers. Residents typically take part in therapy and strengthen the coping skills they learned in the first stage of treatment.5
  • Relapse prevention tools: To prevent relapse, it’s important for patients to have ongoing access to adequate support. There are many peer support programs that offer consistent mutual understanding and encouragement, like Alcoholics Anonymous and narcotics Anonymous.6

What Amenities Are Offered at a Top-Rated Rehab Center?

Undergoing a treatment program at a luxury facility can significantly contribute to your comfort because you’ll receive a premium standard of care. The best drug and alcohol rehab centers are equipped with modern, hotel-like amenities, like:

  • Clean private rooms
  • Swimming pools
  • Exercise areas
  • Balanced nutrition and personalized diets

Top-rated treatment programs also include multiple therapeutic options. A holistic approach that incorporates alternative therapies in addition to the traditional evidence-based method can increase patients’ motivation, make their participation in treatment more enjoyable, and contribute to lasting abstinence.7 These types of therapy may include:7

  • Mindfulness meditation and yoga
  • Art and music therapy
  • Acupuncture and chiropractic care
  • Focus on spirituality
  • Alternative medicine

How to Choose the Best Drug Rehabilitation Center?

Whether you have a loved one who you’d like to help overcome substance abuse and are considering how to stage an intervention or you wish to find best rehab treatment for yourself, you can select an effective treatment option by considering several criteria:

  • Location: You can seek a top-rated rehab center near you or opt for an out-of-state facility. If you stay close to home, your family and friends can play a bigger part in your recovery, which could be very helpful.8 If the best drug or alcohol treatment for you is located far away, you will be able to start fresh and focus solely on your recovery.9
  • Certifications: The best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are certified by relevant federal authorities, such as SAMHSA and The Joint Commission. This is a sign that the facility in question offers effective, evidence-based treatment.
  • Levels of care: It’s crucial to find out what types of services a facility offers and how this aligns with your needs. Some patients require treatment at inpatient drug rehab centers while others may benefit from entering outpatient rehab.3 You may also wish to inquire about the best drug detox and other forms of therapeutic support, depending on your needs.
  • Accommodation: Modern treatment facilities have comfortable, hotel-like lodgings to make sure that your stay is as pleasant as possible. They merge the care for the patient’s body, mind, and spirit, which is reflected in the many amenities they offer, like swimming pools and fitness areas.7
  • Staff: The staff at the facility needs to be qualified and experienced in treating people who suffer from substance use disorders.10 The best experts in drug treatment are also caring and compassionate, and have a sympathetic bedside manner to help individuals cope with the challenges of recovery.10 
  • Program success rates: Studies show that most patients who complete treatment stop drug use, but the outcome of treatment varies based on several factors.3 For example, the use of methadone increases the likelihood of successful treatment for opioid abuse. Another factor that influences the chances of staying abstinent is staying in treatment for longer.

You can explore your treatment options and get to know more about a facility by dialing their toll-free phone number

How to Find the Best Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Near Me?

You can use a practical tool to find the best addiction treatment facility for yourself or a loved one. If you’ve narrowed down your choice to a few of the top-rated substance abuse treatment centers, you can call them to learn more information about the cost of treatment, the best drug detox and rehab options for you, and their admissions process. Excellent programs include a variety of services that are tailored to meet your needs.10

American Addiction Centers has a toll-free number you can dial to talk to an empathetic admissions navigator and discuss your first steps toward recovery. We can also perform your insurance coverage verification for you to make sure that your package covers the price of treatment and that your carrier is in our network. 

How Can I Go for Free at a Top-Rated Drug Treatment Program?

The treatment of substance use disorders is a complex matter that requires the monitoring of trained and understanding professionals. If you don’t have health insurance coverage or funds to pay for top-rated alcohol or drug rehab, you may think you’re out of options. However, it is still possible for you to receive the care you need. 

There are state-funded rehab facilities that provide low-cost or free-of-charge options for people who can’t finance treatment themselves. There may also be other ways of covering your expenses to explore, such as fundraisers, sliding fees, or government healthcare programs.11 A 2018 survey of treatment facilities showed that:2

  • 443 (3%) offered free treatment to all patients.
  • 8,652 (58.4%) had a sliding fee scale.
  • 6,643 (44.9%) charged a minimal fee or no fee if the client can’t cover the costs.

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