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High-Profile and Celebrity Rehab Programs Near Me

Celebrity rehab programs see the rich, famous and wealthy come through their doors every year. From professional athletes to award-winning entertainers, many famous people have sought the professional help available at drug rehab centers. If you need help getting clean and sober, and you want to escape the paparazzi and public scrutiny, you need a center that specializes in celebrities and other famous people.


Drug rehab centers designed for celebrities focus on privacy and isolation. Celebrities often have more access to drugs than regular people, which makes it harder to stay clean and sober. These programs keep famous patients away from anyone who might endanger the recovery process.

First-Class Amenities

projectknow-shutter360062150-luxury-rehabMany of the top celebrity rehab programs offer first-class amenities for patients. Some private addiction centers give patients lush beds, and patients can also take a dip in one of several swimming pools. Other treatment centers have specific themes. For example, a rehab center might have chalet theme with private ski chalet rooms and hot tubs for patients. You can also find addiction centers that sit on the ocean and let patients take time away from therapy for a quick dip in the water.

Extra Features

Some of the top programs used by famous people come with extra features that you cannot find at a traditional rehab clinic. One rehab center might focus on homeopathic remedies. You can have a massage, take yoga classes, or use other relaxation techniques that take your mind off drugs or alcohol. Other centers offer a unique outpatient treatment method that lets you continue with your recovery support even after you return home or travel to a different city for work.


One of the biggest benefits to using celebrity rehab programs is that you can get clean and sober without worrying about anyone knowing you are there. Celebrity rehab centers believe in protecting the privacy of all residents. These centers typically offer security and screening of anyone who enters the treatment center. The centers understand that paparazzi stalk celebrities in the hopes of catching a photo they can sell to magazines and news stations. The security offered by the center applies to famous residents and everyday people, ensuring that all recovering addicts stay safe and secure.

What to Look For

“More than 23 million people sought treatment for drug or alcohol addiction in 2009 alone… “More than 23 million people sought treatment for drug or alcohol addiction in 2009 alonealcohol addiction in 2009 alone, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Some of those who sought treatment were celebrities, but some drug addicts are normal people who want the same level of help given to famous people.

Before you decide to use an addiction treatment facility for high-profile individuals, you should look at what the program offers. You should also look for some specific things, including:

  • The ability to choose the treatment plan that you want
  • All-inclusive plans that do not charge additional fees for other services
  • A solid history of treating famous and non-famous people successfully
  • Treatment plans for the specific type of addiction you have
  • Combination treatment programs for those suffering from two or more addictions
  • Individualized care that helps each addict on an individual basis, rather than a program tailored only for celebrities

Getting Help

According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health, over 18 percent of those who sought treatment in 2008 did so because of an addiction to two or more substances. Celebrity rehab programs offer programs for those who have addictions to more than one medication. If you need help finding a high-profile treatment center, call for more help.

Did You Know?

The location where you stay might determine the price. If you stay in Malibu, you might pay $9,000 or more for a week-long stay. If you decide to stay in Sundance, Utah to be near the Sundance Film Festival, you might pay $26,000 for one month of treatment.

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