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All Savers Insurance for Drug Rehab Treatment

Does All Savers Insurance Cover Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

Designed to keep health care costs low, All Savers provides a variety of plans as self-insurance or traditional insurance, depending on which state you live in.1 All Savers is designed with low premiums for small businesses (and their employees) and designs their plans to help pay for many healthcare costs before the deductible.2 (Page 2) There is a medical credit that is given to every employee and their covered spouses that assists in covering expenses like X-rays, office visits, diagnostics tests, lab work, and inpatient hospital stays.2 (Page 2, “The Medical Credit”) This amount can range from $100 to $1,000 per person depending on your plan, which it is inherently built into.2 (Page 2, “The Medical Credit”)

When you or your loved one need it, an All Savers rehab stay is an option. The rehab center of your choice can check your coverage for you given your specific plan information. Additionally, you are welcome to call the number found on the back of your insurance card to find out more about your specific All Savers plan.

Check All Savers Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

As part of United Healthcare, All Savers offers alternate funding that is consumer-driven and focused on serving small businesses with 5-99 employees.3 Their plans are tailored to meet the needs of small businesses, helping employees get more from their plans.3 They estimate that 60% of United Healthcare small business employees spend under $1,500/year on health care.3 The All Savers Alternate Funding self-funded plan covers medical expenses of covered employees and their dependents; in addition, there is a third-party administration agreement between your employer and United Healthcare for billing, claims processing, and customer service.3

If you don’t know whether your plan covers outpatient services or inpatient rehab, simply contact American Addiction Centers (AAC) for help verifying your insurance. All you have to do is enter your information into the form; this will show if your provider is in-network. You can also call the AAC helpline to have a representative verify your insurance for you. They can answer any questions you have over the phone.

What Is All Savers?

All Savers is a series of self-funded health plans for small businesses and is part of United Healthcare.4 (Page 2) This 3-part plan includes a self-funded medical plan, a third-party agreement between the employer and United Healthcare, and a stop-loss insurance policy.4 (Page 2) This allows employers to pay lower premium taxes throughout the year and get money credited back to them at year-end depending on state law.4 (Page 2) There are a variety of plan designs, including a traditional split copay and HAS plans, Flex Focus plans, tiered benefit plans, innovative wellness programs (for select states), and national networks available in certain state markets.4 (Page 6)

United Healthcare is the biggest proprietary national network for health insurance, which means more savings and better access to healthcare.4 (Page 8) Their Customer Care Advocates provide specialized support for managing your healthcare needs.4 (Page 10)

All Savers Plans

All Savers has a variety of Alternate Funding self-funded plans for small businesses and their employees. The traditional split copay and HSA plans have deductibles that range from $500 to $6,850 and 3 different coinsurance options.4 (Page 6) There are network-only (EPO) options with these plans. The Flex Focus Plans have $0 copays for the first 3 visits to a primary care provider or specialist, and there is a $0 copayment for the first 2 urgent care visits should you need them.4 (Page 6) The national networks include a PPO option (Choice Plus), EPOs (Choice, Navigate, and Charter), and Core (which is exclusive to specific counties in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Texas).4 (Page 6) The tiered benefits offer specialist tiering and 50% coinsurance.4 (Page 6)

As required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), any individual major medical coverage plan you choose must give you essential benefits such as mental health and substance use disorder services, which also includes behavioral health treatment.5 (Page 105, b,1)

What Will All Savers Insurance Cover?

Through its parent company, United Healthcare, All Savers is able to cover some or all of the cost of your addiction treatment, depending on which plan you have through your employer and how much the deductible and coinsurance options cover.4 (Page 6) You might be able to receive coverage for inpatient or residential stays, outpatient rehab or therapy, intensive outpatient programs (IOP), or partial hospitalization programs (PHP) depending on your plan. Urgent care visits, minor lab work, and inpatient physician visits on co-payment Level 1 have in-network copayments between $20 and $50 while a co-payment Level 3 has a copayment of $200 to $600 for an outpatient facility, inpatient stay, or inpatient services.2 (Page 6) Those come with deductibles for individual and family plans.

For out-of-network providers, the medical credit can be applied to those claims; the deductible is twice the network deductible while the coinsurance is the same as the network rate.2 (Page 6) There is no medical copayment or medical credit available for rehab, home health care, or skilled nursing.2 (Page 6)

Does All Savers Insurance Cover Mental Health Care?

At any given time, there are about 9.2 million American adults living with co-occurring disorders—a coexistence of a substance use disorder (SUD) and at least one mental health condition.6 (Paragraphs 1-2) There are multiple combinations of these disorders; major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and mood and anxiety disorders are all considerably commonplace in their co-occurrence with substance use disorders.6 (Paragraph 5) Treating them in tandem is important since these comorbidities impact the way people make decisions and interact with others, and one can be rooted in the other.7

Per the ACA, there have to be insurance plan provisions for those who need mental health services.5 This law stipulates that most small employer and individual health insurance plans, inclusive of every plan offered through the Health Insurance Marketplace, covers services rendered for substance use disorders and mental health.5 On top of that, the ACA mandates that these plans cover habilitative and rehabilitative services that help people with behavioral health challenges.5

How Long Does All Savers Insurance Cover Rehab?

All Savers insurance costs and coverage will vary based on how long you remain in rehab—something that itself is subject to your recommended treatment plan. Evidence from multiple studies demonstrates that lengthy rehab durations are linked with positive rehab outcomes for those who enter rehab.8(Paragraph 1) If you participate in rehab for at least 90 days, there is a better chance for long-term efficacy than if your stay lasts for less than 90 days, thereby demonstrating how lengthier rehab stays encourage more positive outcomes for those with substance use disorders.8 (Paragraph 1)

Given that All Savers (and United Healthcare) offer multiple types of plans, it is critical that you learn what your plan covers before you schedule your stay in any rehab facility. You can quickly use the information shown on your insurance card to look up the specifics of your plan’s coverage. Again, you can have AAC check it for you by using the form or calling the helpline to speak with a representative.

What if My All Savers Policy Does Not Cover Rehab?

The All Savers policy you have through your employer might not cover your entire stay at a rehab facility, but there are options out there for financial assistance. This includes grants, scholarships, and other means of special funding. Non-profit organizations sometimes provide grants and scholarships that help their community members combat addiction and mental health conditions.

You might also want to touch base with your local church and faith-based charities to see if they have any resources or funding available. Also, it cannot hurt to contact the facility of your choice and inquire as to whether they have financing options, as some of them give out grants and scholarships or offer sliding-scale payment methods.

Putting off rehab will not help you right now, nor will it lead to a productive and healthy future. Simply reaching out and asking for help takes just a few minutes and can be done over the phone or by submitting a brief online form. Get your recovery journey started by finding out what your All Savers plan covers and how much you should expect to pay out-of-pocket for your stay in a rehab treatment center.

All Savers In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Rehab Centers

There are outpatient services and inpatient rehab centers available that are considered to be in-network, which means they already work with All Savers and United Healthcare. An out-of-network All Savers treatment facility is a rehab center that currently does not accept any policy from this insurance provider. You can check to see if your selected facility is in-network or not by contacting your insurance provider or the facility itself. Of course, you can also learn more by allowing AAC to verify your health insurance coverage online or via the AAC helpline.

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