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Alcohol Rehabs That Accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee

On this page, you will learn about BCBS of Tennessee health insurance coverage for Alcohol abuse treatment and how to confirm what benefits are available under your specific plan.
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Provider Overview

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Provide Alcohol Rehab Coverage?

According to research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),  some 95,000 people lose their lives due to alcohol related issues on a yearly basis in the USA, with the number of men being 3.5 times greater than that of women.1 In the state of Tennessee from 2011 to 2015, approximately 2,150 lives were lost every year due to alcohol abuse, with an almost even split between death caused by chronic diseases (like liver disease and dependence syndrome) and acute ones (like alcohol poisonings, suicides, and traffic accidents).2

With each passing year, insurance coverage for substance use disorder services are improving in the USA. This is largely due to the passing of Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that builds on its foundations.3 ACA defines mental health issues as an essential health benefit. It also requires non-grandfathered individual and small group market plans to provide coverage for services for preventing and treating substance use disorders (SUD).4

In practice, this means that Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee insurance will provide coverage in case your doctor determines you’ll need:5

  • Behavioral health treatment.
  • Mental and behavioral health inpatient services.
  • Substance use disorder treatment.

If you need help or more detailed information about various alcohol addiction rehab treatments that are available with your Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee coverage, you can contact American Addiction Centers (AAC) directly. We’ll let you know the options your health plan offers in a nationwide network of one of America’s leading providers.

What Type of Alcohol Treatment Will Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Insurance Cover?

In 2020, almost half of Americans aged 12 or older reported that they drank alcohol at least once during the previous month.6 This means that almost 140 million people were at risk of alcohol misuse. This can ultimately lead to addiction and increase the risk of stroke, liver cirrhosis, and other conditions, along with a higher possibility of endangering others through reckless actions like driving under the influence.6

If you or someone dear to you is indulging in excessive or binge drinking, you can use your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee coverage for alcohol rehab to book a doctor’s appointment. Screenings are especially beneficial as they can diagnose the disease even before the serious symptoms appear thereby greatly increasing the chances of recovery.7

After you conclude a health screening procedure, your doctor will recommend one of the several treatment options that your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee rehab coverage supports, like:7

  • Detoxification to remove dangerous chemicals from your system.
  • Inpatient rehabilitation that fights addiction in a professional environment.
  • Outpatient programs that involve staying at home for the duration of treatment.
  • Behavioral therapies that offer peer support programs.
  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders for those who suffer from more than one mental health issue.

What is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee?

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, or BCBST, was founded in 1945 as a taxpaying not-for-profit health plan. This made it a mission-driven instead of a profit-driven enterprise that aims to advocate for lower health care costs for its members and fulfill its mission of providing them with a “peace of mind through better health”.8

Today BCBST employs 6,700 professionals and partners with more than 20,000 health care providers. It serves almost 3.5 million people and more than 11,000 businesses in Tennessee and across the US, making it the largest health insurer in the state.9 BCBST offers its members several top-quality options to choose from:10

  • Individual and family plans
  • Employer and group plans
  • Medicare plans
  • Medicaid (BlueCare TN) plans
  • Medicaid with Medicare (BlueCare Plus) plans
  • Dental and vision plans

What Alcohol Rehab Programs Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Won’t Cover?

Your coverage will include the treatment elements that your doctor deemed a medical necessity.11 One factor to note is the coverage isn’t universal across the country since individual states have different laws that may impact the extent of your coverage and benefits.12

In most cases, services that constitute a provisional part of your recovery won’t be covered. These include food delivery, beauty treatments, diet plans, non-medical amenities such as recreational programs, or alternative, unproven therapies, and holistic treatment approaches. However, they might be included in certain individual plans.13

If you want to follow up on this information and learn more, call a dedicated alcohol and drug rehab hotline and you will get all the help you need to make an informed decision.

What Is the Price of Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

When it comes to treatment of mental health disorders, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A program that was effective for one patient with alcohol use disorder (AUD) won’t necessarily work for another.14 Different people will follow different recovery paths depending on their unique situation and condition. Most healthcare insurance plans offer some coverage for alcohol rehab treatment, usually calling this part of their plan “behavioral health” coverage.15 

Because everyone’s treatment plan is different, it’s difficult to predict the cost of an alcohol rehab in advance. There are several important factors that will greatly influence the overall cost, including:15

  • The health care provider and specifics of the health plan you have.
  • The setting or treatment facility in which the rehab is taking place.
  • The services that are offered during the rehabilitation process.
  • Your specific situation and individual needs.

How Much Will Inpatient BCBST Alcohol Rehab Cost?

Inpatient rehab is a treatment approach that is reserved for people whose alcohol addiction is so severe that they are unable to function on their own.16 For this reason, they are required to be under constant medical attention and supervision in a dedicated substance abuse treatment facility. These programs are designed to offer structured and intensive care.17

The costs of inpatient treatment can vary because they depend on the facility and the specifics of the treatment plan to a large degree. For example, the duration of the treatment as well as the amenities and services that are offered greatly affect the overall cost.7

How Much Will Outpatient BCBST Alcohol Rehab Cost?

Outpatient rehab is less expensive than inpatient services mainly because the costs of staying in the hospital are eliminated. However, outpatient treatment also varies in its intensity, duration, and the type of rehabilitation.7

Outpatient drug treatment programs are the most common form of treatment. They’re adaptable to individual patients’ needs and combine behavioral therapies with proven medication to treat alcohol addiction.18 In some cases, outpatient rehab is a logical next step for those that have previously completed an inpatient program and it’s used as a follow-up phase in the continuum of care.19

How Much Will BCBST Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) Cost?

Partial hospitalization is a structured, time-intensive program of outpatient services and an alternative to inpatient rehabilitation.20 It’s more intense than outpatient programs with daily sessions that last more than 3 hours a day. They may take up to 10 hours every day in some cases.21

PHP can be an effective option for people that need intensive inpatient treatment and prolonged medical attention but can’t afford staying in a hospital or have a stable and supportive environment at home, making them more capable of maintaining regular attendance.21

How Much Will BCBST Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Cost?

Medication-assisted treatment is a rehabilitation approach that uses approved medication in combination with counseling and psychosocial support therapies to treat addiction.21 MAT can vary in length according to patients’ needs and be administered in inpatient or outpatient programs. This makes its costs difficult to calculate without a doctor’s assessment.21

There are three medications that FDA has approved as safe and effective for treatment of alcohol addiction:7

  • Naltrexone, which is a highly effective drug that blocks receptors that produce cravings for alcohol and a pleasant feeling while drinking.
  • Acamprosate (Campral®), which can reduce long-lasting withdrawal symptoms and is reserved for more severe cases.
  • Disulfiram (Antabuse®), which produces a very unpleasant feeling if a person drinks, like nausea and palpitations.

What Is the Cost of Alcohol Rehab Compared to the Cost of Alcohol Abuse?

There is ample scientific evidence that shows that treatment for alcohol addiction is cost-effective compared to receiving no treatment.22 Estimated costs of excessive alcohol use for the state of Tennessee alone amount to more than 4.5 billion dollars, or almost $740 per person.23 These costs take into account:23

  • Loss of workplace productivity (which takes up a staggering 72% of the total cost).
  • Law enforcement and other criminal justice expenses (10%).
  • Losses as a consequence of traffic accidents due to excessive alcohol use (5%).
  • Health care expenses for treatment of problems caused by excessive drinking (just 11% of total).

In addition to the fact that treatment represents just one-tenth of total costs, there is the fact that this study doesn’t take into account the personal costs of alcohol addiction like social exclusion, missing out on potential job opportunities, personal suffering, and diseases resulting from long-term alcohol abuse.23

How Long Will Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Cover Alcohol Treatment?

Successful rehabilitation of alcohol addiction will depend on the duration and intensity of treatment. Staying in treatment shorter than the doctor recommended can be dangerous because it can increase the risk of relapse or even cause the patient to lose hope.18

There is well-supported scientific evidence that shows that substance use disorders can be effectively treated and that recurrence rates aren’t higher that in the case of chronic diseases like asthma or diabetes.24 Even though recovery can take a couple of years and multiple episodes of treatment and relapse, successful recovery means more than the remission of symptoms and involves a positive development of every aspect of the individual’s mental state.24

To learn how much rehab coverage your BCBST healthcare plan provides and details concerning your benefits, call the number on the back of your Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee insurance card.

Should I Choose Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Inpatient Instead of an Outpatient Alcohol Rehab?

Inpatient rehab is considered as the gold standard of rehabilitation and is the best fit for those that suffer from long-term or severe forms of alcohol addiction.7 It provides patients with a supportive and positive environment under constant supervision of medical experts. They monitor your situation and asses it on daily basis, modifying your rehab treatment to match your progress and needs.18

You should seriously consider inpatient rehab if your doctor concludes that you have:14

  • A severe form of alcohol use disorder.
  • Unstable home situation and would benefit from a more focused and structured environment.
  • Limited transportation options.
  • Co-occurring mental health issues in addition to AUD.
  • Few non-drinking friends and a lack of a strong support group.

How Do You Use Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Coverage for Alcohol Treatment?

First step always begins with a consultation with your doctor. A medical professional can assess your situation and recommend a suitable drug treatment program that will suit your individual situation. Afterward, you can verify your health insurance and determine to what extent your BCBST mental health coverage matches your medical needs.7

You can then choose a BCBST drug rehab center that is best suited to your preferences and give them a call directly. There you will get detailed information about existing treatment plans and possible financial assistance options.15

How Do I Find Alcohol Treatment Facilities That Are In-Network With BCBST?

American Addiction Centers is an accredited provider of proven addiction treatment services that partners with BCBS of Tennessee. It offers the largest network of high-quality inpatient drug rehab centers to choose from nationwide, including:

You can contact AAC through their confidential helpline that is always available and speak with their knowledgeable advisors who can verify your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee insurance substance abuse treatment coverage. They will also provide treatment recommendations over the phone. If you are not ready to talk, you can sign up for free text support and get confidential personalized information without an obligation to enter treatment.

How to Read Your Insurance Provider Card
  • 1Insurance Provider Name
  • 2Policy Member's Full Name
  • 3Policy Membership/Subscriber ID
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Frequently asked questions

How Long Will Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee-Covered Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Last?
This can only be determined after the patient has completed a professional evaluation. If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol addiction, you need to contact one of the Blue Cross Blue Shield substance abuse treatment providers. Once you check into rehab, their trained staff will determine the nature and the extent of your addiction and recommend the best course of action based on your individual requirements.7
Will Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Insurance Cover Luxury Alcohol Rehab?
Through its partnership with American Addiction Centers, BCBS of Tennessee offers its members the option to choose a luxury rehab in one of AAC’s top notch inpatient drug rehab centers. The full extent of your coverage, possible financing options, and out-of-pocket payments will depend on details of the Blue Cross Blue Shield healthcare plan that you have.15
Will Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Medicare Plans provide Coverage for Alcohol Rehab?
Although the extent of coverage can vary according to the state you are in and the specifics of your plan, with your BCBS of Tennessee Medicare plan, you will certainly have a degree of coverage for mental health issues, including inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.11
Will Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Coverage Extend to Executive Alcohol Rehab?
Yes, your BCBS of Tennessee insurance may well cover executive rehab, but it will depend on the specific type of Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan that you have. To learn more about your payment options and the extent of your coverage, call the number on the back of your BCBST health insurance card.10

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