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Oscar Health Plan Insurance for Alcohol Rehab Near Me

Does Oscar Health Plan Provide Insurance Coverage for Alcohol Rehab & Treatment?

Oscar Health Plan Insurance is a nationwide provider of comprehensive coverage to individuals across the country. This provider offers a wide array of healthcare insurance solutions tailored to the specific requirements of their clients. Their goal is to provide you with access to high-quality affordable care you deserve.1

Oscar Health Plan also provides nationwide coverage for drug, opioid, alcohol, and other substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation programs. Under the details of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act from the year 2008, every provider of healthcare insurance plans has the obligation to treat all specialized programs for addiction recovery identically as they would medical treatments and services.2

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health from 2019, 85.6% of all individuals above the legal age of 18 have reported drinking alcohol at a certain point in their lives, while 69.5% reported drinking alcohol over the past year. Finally, 54.0% drank alcohol during the past month of their lives.3, 4, 5

When it comes to alcohol-related deaths in the U.S., an estimated 95,000 individuals die from alcohol-induced causes. This makes alcohol the third-leading preventable cause of death nationwide. This makes it essential to find appropriate treatment through your Oscar Health Plan.6, 7

What Does Oscar Health Plan Insurance Cover in Terms of Alcohol Treatment?

Most Oscar healthcare plans provide insurance coverage for different types of substance abuse addictions and programs for treating mental health issues. Depending on the benefits and details of your insurance plan, you’re eligible to receive coverage for all or some of the following services:8, 9

Screenings & Interventions

Comprehensive screenings and professional interventions are a vital part of early detection and treatment of different addictions, including alcohol, drugs, and opioids. It’s essential to discover and understand your addiction at the earliest possible phase and prevent it from becoming a more severe problem.9

Medical Detoxification

Medical detox is the initial and probably the most important part of all Oscar-covered substance addiction treatment and rehab programs. Detox helps you get all the harmful toxins out of your body. Professional assistance during detoxification is crucial, since it can be dangerous due to numerous withdrawal symptoms.9

Inpatient Treatment & Rehab

Nationwide inpatient treatment and rehab programs for alcohol and drug addiction are integral to the recovery process. These programs provide a safe and nurturing environment that assists you in committing to your recovery procedure without any of the real-world difficulties and distractions. What’s more, inpatient rehab prevents the majority of potential addiction triggers.9

Outpatient Treatment & Rehab

Outpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs combine behavioral therapy sessions with counseling to help you have an easier time dealing with your alcohol or opioid addiction. However, with outpatient programs, you won’t stay at a certified treatment center but rather visit it during scheduled sessions.9

Behavioral Therapies

The purpose behind this kind of therapy is to give patients a better understanding of the changes in behavior they’re going through and that generally contribute to the addiction they’re struggling with. Another vital segment of behavioral therapy is learning how to cope with the temptation without succumbing to using alcohol and drugs once again.9

Treatment for Different Co-Occurring Disorders

Co-occurring disorders should receive parallel treatment alongside alcohol addiction. Upon undergoing a thorough assessment and dual diagnosis, you need to receive adequate treatment for all the issues you’re struggling with, which typically includes individualized therapy processes based on your unique needs. Some of the most commonly implemented treatment procedures for resolving co-occurring disorders include medication, education, and therapy.9

What Aspects Does Oscar Health Plan not Provide Coverage for?

Typically, Oscar Health Plan insurance coverage doesn’t include non-essential aspects of alcohol or drug addiction treatment, such as:10

  • Additional medical amenities, such as private rooms, nurses, and phone or TV access.
  • Holistic care, including acupuncture and massages.
  • Various recreational activities, such as horseback riding and golf.
  • Food delivery
  • Private treatment and rehabilitation centers.
  • Alternative therapy, such as yoga or meditation.

What Is Oscar Health Plan Insurance 

Oscar is a company established in 2012 with the mission to create comprehensive health insurance plans for individuals and businesses, helping them in their time of need. Oscar is powered by a full-stack technology platform with services designed to help their members find high-quality care they’ll be able to afford.1

This company has established industry-leading levels of trust, customer satisfaction, and engagement from more than 1 million members of this insurance provider. The goal of this healthcare insurance provider for drug and alcohol treatment is to expand to new states and reach new clients across numerous new markets.1

What Is the Cost of Alcohol Addiction Rehab and Treatment

The cost of drug, opioid, and alcohol rehab and treatment programs depends on different factors, such as:2

  • Services included in the treatment program.
  • Intensity of the services included.
  • The duration of the rehab.
  • Amenities present within the treatment program.
  • Type of facility you’re entering.

The costs of alcohol addiction treatment also differ depending on your exact plan with Oscar Health Insurance and the amount of coverage they’ll provide. You can receive complete coverage for certain in-network addiction rehab centers, while there are also out-of-network alcohol treatment facilities with only partial coverage.2

So, depending on the program you wish to enter and the amount of coverage you’ll receive from your insurance provider, the costs of rehab and treatment can vary significantly. Generally, the cost varies between $14,000 and $27,000 for a 30-day inpatient treatment program, while outpatient treatment can cost as much as $500 per one session.11

Cost of Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient treatment and rehab for alcohol addiction is an important step for the majority of individuals attempting to overcome their struggles. It takes place in a safe environment designed to facilitate detox and recovery, giving you a chance to get your life back on track. Generally, this is the best suited option for most individuals trying to overcome their addiction.9

The associated costs of entering one of nationwide inpatient alcohol rehab facilities depend on several important factors, such as the length of the program. Longer programs cost more, but also bring better results. Recommended duration of inpatient treatment is a minimum of 30 days, while there are programs that last for as many as 90 days and more.9

The higher costs of longer programs are worth the price, since prolonged stay at an inpatient treatment facility for alcohol and opioid addiction offers access to medical, as well psychological, wellbeing services, including counselor meeting, group therapy, drug administration, and more.9

Cost of Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Outpatient facilities for alcohol treatment and rehab at numerous nationwide locations don’t require you to remain at the facility for the entire duration of the treatment. Instead, you continue living at your own home while attending treatment sessions at a scheduled time of day, several days during the week. These types of programs tend to be less expensive than their residential alcohol and drug treatment alternatives and are better suited to working individuals.9

Some of the forms of alcohol rehab and treatment applied in Oscard-approved nationwide outpatient centers involve individual and group counseling, MAT, behavioral therapy, and more. The overall costs of treatment depend on how often you visit the facility, the type of the program you’re entering, and its duration.9

Cost of Alcohol Partial Hospitalization Programs – APHP

APHP are partial hospitalization programs specifically designed for treating alcohol addiction. These types of rehab programs offer well-structured and intensive daily treatment alongside allowing you to remain at your home for the duration of your rehab. As a patient, you have the obligation of attending sessions for several hours on a daily basis. During this time, you actively participate in group and individual therapy, drug testing, counselor meetings, and other activities.12

The costs associated with this type of treatment depend on the location of the facility, program duration, included services, and the amount of Oscar Health Plan coverage you receive for alcohol addiction treatment and rehab. In general, APHP costs are lower in comparison with residential facilities and slightly higher in comparison with other types of treatment.12

Cost of Medication-Assisted Treatment – MAT

The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has approved different types of medication to be used in MAT for alcohol, drug, and opioid addiction disorder treatment. Some of the most commonly used drugs for treating alcohol use disorder are acamprosate, disulfiram, and naltrexone:13

  • Acamprosate: This medication is designed for use by individuals in recovery who are no longer drinking and who are trying to avoid resorting to alcohol. Typically, the use of this medication begins during the fifth day of abstinence and it reaches full effectiveness in 5 to 8 days.13
  • Disulfiram: It treats chronic alcoholism and is best suited for individuals who’ve already undergone medical detox or people who are in the initial abstinence phase.13
  • Naltrexone: This medication blocks the euphoric feelings and effects of intoxication and gives individuals struggling with alcohol addiction a chance to reduce the use of alcohol and remain motivated to attain sobriety.13

How Does the Cost of Alcohol Addiction Compare to the Cost of Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol, drug, and opioid treatment programs can be expensive. This is especially true if you only have partial Oscar Health Plan coverage. On the other hand, allowing your addiction to worsen and not treating it on time can create higher costs later in your life. Untreated substance abuse disorders forster broader and higher costs that consist of more than just personal finances:14

  • Work inefficacy cost.
  • Alcohol abuse casualties, for example DUI. 
  • Alcohol overdose treatment.
  • Criminal justice-related costs.

When you actually compare the price of alcohol abuse rehab programs with all the potential costs that stem from you not treating it, they can end up constituting only a fraction of specialized treatment solutions.14

What Length of Alcohol Treatment Can Oscar Health Plan Cover?

The duration of alcohol , opioid, or drug rehab and treatment mostly depends on the unique requirements and needs of each patient. Different individuals progress through treatment at a different pace, which is why there isn’t a single best approach to alcohol rehab.10 

That being said, longer treatment durations tend to produce a higher number of positive outcomes. In general, the majority of individuals struggling with overcoming their alcohol addiction experience better outcomes with treatment durations that last for 90 days, or even longer.10

Depending on the Oscar Health Plan insurance you have, you’ll be able to receive a different amount of coverage for your treatment duration. The best way to see just what benefits and coverage you have for alcohol, drug, and opioid addiction treatment is to contact the number located on the back of your insurance card and get in touch with one of Oscar customer service representatives. They’ll explain all the benefits you’re eligible for and help you located either an in-network or out-of-network facility to enter.2

How to Choose Between Outpatient vs. Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Centers?

The two main settings for alcohol, opioid, and drug rehab and treatment are outpatient and inpatient facilities:9

Both types of treatment can lead to successful results. However, residential treatment at an inpatient rehab center generally provides more positive outcomes when compared to outpatient and other types of treatment. This program allows you to stay at a trigger-free facility that fosters healing and sobriety, eliminating all possible distractions and helping you focus on overcoming your addiction. What’s more, you’ll experience a sense of accountability and accomplishment you would otherwise have more difficulty in attaining.

That being said, entering any treatment program is a far better alternative to not entering treatment or postponing your rehab. It’s essential to reach out and request help, as well as consider entering a local rehab facility.9, 15

How You Should Use Oscar Health Plan Insurance for Alcohol Treatment & Rehab

The process of entering an alcohol rehabilitation facility is fairly similar for all the different types and amounts of nationwide insurance coverage for alcohol addiction.9

First, you need a referral, which you can acquire from several locations. However, it’s usually best to reach out to your Oscar Health Plan insurance provider, either in person or via phone, as the majority of healthcare companies offer these types of consultations.9

When you receive your referral, you need to contact your Oscar Health Plan helpline number, located on the back of the card. From here it’s all about talking to the representative and inquiring about a suitable in-network mental health facilities and substance abuse centers that suit your need and requirements.9

How Can I Locate In-Network Oscar Health Plan Rehab Centers?

There are a couple of options for locating a treatment facility for substance abuse addiction in your vicinity that accepts Oscar Health Plan insurance coverage.16

First, you can reach out to the Oscar Health Plan helpline and inquire about an in-network or out-of-network treatment facility that suits your requirements. For example, some individuals are looking for specialized treatment centers for couples struggling with addiction. You can also directly contact the center you find interesting and inquire about whether or not they accept the health insurance coverage you own.

Another option is contacting a local hotline that helps individuals struggling with alcohol abuse and find the information you need from them. They can tell you about the possible payment options, as well as assist you in locating the facility. Know that these hotlines are completely confidential and that, in general, most of them are free-of-charge.17

Finally, you can contact American Addiction Centers (AAC). They’re a reputable provider of treatment solutions capable of recommending the leading Oscar-approved rehab facilities. They employ an experienced team of admissions navigators capable of helping you verify your insurance coverage and discussing the benefits you can receive. 

You can also receive information on some of nationwide AAC treatment facilities, including: 

If you’re located in California, you might also want to consider entering some of the following rehab facilities AAC offers information on

Besides these, AAC also provides information on numerous nationwide treatment facilities located in different states across the country, for example: 

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