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Oxford Health Plans Insurance Coverage for Alcohol Rehab

Does Oxford Health Plan Insurance Provide Coverage for Alcohol Addiction Treatment & Rehab?

Alcoholism, alcohol abuse, and alcohol use disorder (AUD) are responsible for over 3 million deaths every year, which accounts for as many as 6% of global deaths. Annually, around 95,000 Americans die from the effects of alcohol. Alcohol is also directly related to 7.1% of disease among men and 2.2% among women.1

If you or a loved one are struggling with alcoholism, alcohol abuse, or AUD, you may be wondering if your Oxford Health Plan Insurance will cover alcohol addiction treatment nationwide. Fortunately, most healthcare plans cover rehab to at least some extent, and many will cover most or all of the cost of rehab. Of course, the benefits you’re entitled to and the precise level of coverage you can expect will depend on the specifics of your policy.2  

What Does Oxford Health Plan Insurance Cover for Alcohol Treatment?

Oxford Health Plan Insurance plans cover all stages of evidence-based alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Depending on the specifics of your policy, it may include the following services:3

Interventions and Screening

First, you will probably undergo a comprehensive assessment regarding your drug and alcohol addiction through the process of professional screening. It’s vital to detect, understand, and treat your alcohol addiction as early as you can in order to prevent it from developing into a more serious problem, and screening helps with that.4

Medical detoxification

Once you enter one of in-network or out-of-network rehab facilities covered by your Oxford Health Plan healthcare insurance, you’ll undergo medical detox as the initial step in the vast majority of treatment programs. This process helps remove toxins from your system, allowing you to begin rehab. It’s important to undergo detox in a safe and controlled environment with professional assistance, as many withdrawal symptoms can make this process dangerous.4

Inpatient Programs for Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Nationwide residential and inpatient programs for treating alcohol addiction are essential to a successful recovery process. Programs such as these transpire in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment designed to help you overcome your addiction by fully committing to the program without exterior distractions and difficulties. This environment also prevents most addiction triggers.4

Outpatient Programs for Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities use a combination of counseling and behavioral sessions to help patients deal with their addiction. However, unlike inpatient facilities, outpatient programs don’t involve staying at the facility during your treatment, but rather visiting it several times a week for your scheduled sessions.4

Behavioral Therapy Programs

This mode of therapy provides patients with a better understanding concerning all the changes in behavior they experience when struggling with their alcohol addiction. This way, patients are able to better cope with all the circumstances of rehab and withdrawal. Also, behavioral therapy teaches you how to better cope with the temptation of using drugs or alcohol again.4

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatments

Treatment for co-occurring disorders should transpire together with treatment for your alcohol addiction. As a patient trying to overcome their addiction, you need to undergo treatment for all of the problems you’re dealing with, which is why co-occurring treatment is highly individualized in accordance with your specific needs and requirements. Some of the treatments for resolving co-occurring disorders are therapy, medication, and education.4

To obtain precise information on what is included in your Oxford Health Plan coverage, consult your policy or call the 24/7 alcoholism and addiction hotline to speak to a knowledgeable navigator who will answer your questions and help you verify your insurance coverage.

What Oxford Health Plan Does Not Cover for Alcohol Treatment?

Alcohol rehab coverage does not typically cover non-medical or alternative services such as holistic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, food delivery, recreation programs, and same-day addiction treatment center admittance.3 For more information on what types of treatment are available, consult your policy or get in touch with your insurance carrier. 

What Is Oxford Health Plan Insurance?

Oxford Health Plan is a major health insurance provider in the US that caters to the needs of employers, families, and individuals. They’re a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, which is one of the world’s leading healthcare providers that has been providing health insurance since 1946.5 Their insurance plans cover all stages of alcohol and drug addiction rehab programs nationwide.3

What Is the Cost of Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

The total cost of alcohol rehab is determined based on the intensity of the treatment, which services are included, and how long the program takes. Some specialized treatment options, such as luxury alcohol rehab facilities and rehab centers that provide targeted treatment for couples, typically include amenities and services that increase the total cost.3

Individuals who have Oxford Health Plan coverage can greatly alleviate the cost of alcohol rehab by choosing an in-network substance abuse treatment facility. Individuals who do not have coverage may be able to explore other payment options, which include taking various types of loans or simply paying for treatment out-of-pocket.2

What Is the Cost of Inpatient Alcohol Rehab?

Inpatient treatments include prolonged hospitalization at a rehab center during which the patient is continuously assessed and closely monitored by a team of specialists who provide evidence-based treatment. They can range from intense 3-10 day detox plans that help patients manage withdrawal to 6-24 month stays at alcohol rehab facilities. Inpatient programs are typically recommended for individuals who are battling severe substance use disorder.6

Due to their increased intensity, inpatient alcohol rehab tends to cost more than other programs. Their cost can vary depending on the rehab center, the duration of stay, the included services, and the level of Oxford Health Plan coverage the patient has. Many substance abuse treatment centers accept insurance, offer sliding scale fees based on income, and provide monthly payment plans.2

How Much Does Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Cost?

Outpatient programs give patients a greater level of control over their scheduling and enable them to keep going to work or school while being in treatment. Depending on the specifics of the program, they may require patients to show up for therapy on a daily or weekly basis, or even on an as-needed basis. They are usually recommended for individuals who have a warm and supportive home environment, and who are not in immediate danger of a relapse or overdose.6 

Since they rarely require patients to cover the cost of prolonged stays at local treatment facilities, they tend to be significantly less expensive than inpatient programs. Depending on your policy, you may also be able to use your Oxford Health Plan coverage to cover most or even all of the cost of outpatient treatment.2

What Is the Cost of Partial Hospitalization Programs for Alcohol Addiction?

Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) are designed to serve as the “middle ground” between inpatient and outpatient rehab, both in terms of cost and care provided. Usually, patients will be living at home and regularly visiting the rehab facility for therapy and treatment.7

PHPs typically include a variety of services and therapies, including group and individual counseling, relapse prevention, and medication management. These services and therapies will normally take less time than their counterparts in inpatient treatment.7

How Much Do Medication-Assisted Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs Cost?

The cost of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) varies based on the type and amount of medication used. These types of rehab tend to be effective, but also expensive. Beside the cost of medication, which normally ranges between $115 a week to $1,170 a month, there are also the costs of counseling, administration, testing, and physician visits to take into account.2

Oxford Health Plan substance abuse coverage nationwide includes MATs. However, the level of coverage and the available benefits can vary depending on the state you live in and the specifics of your insurance policy. If your insurer does not cover MAT, you may still be able to obtain financial aid from a private foundation or a federal insurance program.2

The Cost of Alcohol Addiction vs. the Cost of Alcohol Rehab Programs

Alcoholism, alcohol addiction, and AUD are serious conditions that can have catastrophic consequences for the affected individual, their family, and their community. Whatever the short-term cost of treatment may be, failure to get help for your or your loved one’s alcohol addiction is likely to result in severe long-term health problems and far greater personal and monetary costs down the road.8

Unfortunately, many individuals who are dealing with these issues are discouraged from seeking help because they believe they cannot afford to pay the costs of treatment. In reality, they are likely unaware of the financing options that are available to them. For instance, individuals who have Oxford Health Plan Insurance can expect their alcohol treatment program to be covered partially or even completely.2

To learn more about the available financing options, call the relevant drug and alcohol abuse hotline and discuss your situation with a knowledgeable navigator in complete and guaranteed confidentiality.

How Long Does Alcohol Rehab at Oxford Health Plan Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Last?

The maximum duration of alcohol addiction treatment you or your loved one is entitled to is determined by the state you’re seeking treatment in and the Oxford Health Plan healthcare plan you have. The precise level of coverage an individual can expect will be based on their specific policy.2

Research has shown that longer treatments carry a higher possibility of long-term recovery. The general consensus is that these programs provide patients with more time to deal with underlying problems and receive effective treatment for any co-occurring disorders that may be causing or exacerbating their alcohol addiction.7

How To Choose Between Oxford Health Plan Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab?

When it comes to selecting an alcohol addiction program, treatment-seeking individuals are advised to follow the recommendation of their medical professional. The optimal type of care will also be determined during the intake phase at your preferred Oxford Health Plan Insurance rehabilitation center.9

In most cases, outpatient treatment is recommended for individuals who suffer from a milder case of alcohol addiction, have a stable and caring home environment, and do not have a history of relapsing. It’s less intensive and costly than inpatient programs, and usually enables patients to keep working or attending school while in treatment.6

Inpatient programs are designed for individuals who suffer from severe alcoholism, alcohol addiction, or AUD that significantly impairs their ability to function on a day-to-day basis. It frequently includes detox, prolonged hospitalization, 24/7 monitoring, and intensive therapies. Depending on a patient’s specific needs, it can last for anywhere between a few days to a few months to (in especially severe cases) years.6

How Can I Use Oxford Health Plan Insurance Coverage for Alcohol Treatment?

The process for becoming a member of an alcohol treatment and rehab program is mostly similar for all amounts and types of nationwide alcohol addiction insurance coverage offered by different companies, including Oxford Health Plan.4

The first thing you need to do is receive a referral, which you can do in several different ways and from multiple sources. You can consult your doctor, but before that it can be easiest to turn to your Oxford insurance provider via phone or in person and inquire about securing a referral.4

Once you’ve acquired your referral, it’s important to contact the Oxford Health Plan helpline by calling the number on the back of your card. By talking to one of their representatives, you can determine your insurance eligibility and coverage for a treatment center you wish to enter. Also, they can help you find a suitable facility that meets your requirements.4

How Can I Find an Alcohol Treatment Facility that Accepts Oxford Health Plan Insurance?

There are several ways to locate a treatment center for treating substance abuse addictions near your location fully or partially covered by your Oscar Health Plan insurance.10

First, get in contact with the Oxford Health Plan helpline and ask about different out-of-network and in-network facilities that might suit your needs. Another option is to directly reach out to the center you’d like to enter and ask whether or not they accept your healthcare insurance plan coverage.

You can also reach out to the local hotline designed to help individuals struggling to overcome their alcohol, drug, or opioid addiction and gather the necessary information there. They can inform you about all the potential financing and payment options available and assist you in choosing your facility. All these helplines are private, confidential and, generally, free.11

Consider contacting American Addiction Centers, or AAC for short. They’re a trusted nationwide provider of expert treatment solutions and they’ll recommend an Oscar-approved treatment facility suited to your requirements and your current situation. They have a team of professional admissions specialists who will help you with verifying your coverage and discussing the available benefits.

What’s more, you can also acquire information on some of the most reputable nationwide AAC facilities for treating substance abuse disorders, such as:

If your location is California, you can also choose from some of the treatment facilities AAC can provide information on:

Finally, AAC also offers information on different nationwide rehab and treatment centers located in several different states, such as: