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Seminole Tribe Health Insurance Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment

Does Seminole Tribe Insurance Cover Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

Working under the direction of the Department of Health & Human Services, Seminole Tribe of Florida insurance provides Tribal Health Plans for eligible members.1(welcome) You can find healthcare solutions for an alcohol or drug addiction issue by accessing your Seminole Tribe coverage.

The Seminole Tribe Insurance is located in Florida and works closely with six clinics and a pharmacy.1(bottom) However, you may have insurance coverage at different medical providers in the area. You can call the number on the back of your insurance card or contact the rehab facility to verify your benefits.

Check Seminole Tribe Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Your Seminole Tribe will provide substance abuse addiction treatment through the behavioral health department.2 The Center for Behavioral Health works to achieve sobriety and wellbeing for its members.2 You can discuss treatment options with an admissions navigator at American Addiction Centers by calling . They will verify your insurance coverage for you while you wait, or you can fill out the form in this section. You will be able to see immediately if you have coverage and whether you are in-network.

What Is Seminole Tribe?

The Seminole Tribe has lived in Florida for thousands of years.3 With the descendants of the Seminoles being one of the first to come into Florida, the Seminole Tribe continues to grow and prosper.3 There are over 5,000 tribal members today from what began as a mere 200 people. They are also a part of a sovereign government.3

To assist the people of the Seminole Tribe, the Seminole Health Department is committed to delivering healthcare and wellness within the communities.1

What Will Seminole Tribe Insurance Cover?

If you’re wondering what types of services your Seminole care and rehab coverage will take care of, it varies based on your policy specifics. Also, each person may require varying degrees of therapy and treatment. For example, if someone has been using a substance for several years, they may require more intensive therapy or medical detox as opposed to someone who has been using a drug for a few months. Additionally, the type of drug you use could affect what type of treatment program you need.

Your Seminole Tribe Insurance may assist in covering the following treatment programs, which may be needed during recovery:

Medical detox: Medical detox consists of medication during the withdrawal process because this time may be quite difficult. The treatment program is often done in an inpatient setting but can be done on an outpatient basis. 4(pre-treatment)

Inpatient: During inpatient treatment, you stay in a residential-like facility overnight. It can last for a lengthy period or be of a shorter duration. The facility has trained doctors who will monitor you throughout your stay for safety. 5(third down)

Partial hospitalization program (PHP): At a PHP, you are in a setting similar to an inpatient facility. The main difference is that you will not stay overnight.6

Intensive outpatient program (IOP): An intensive outpatient program will provide outpatient treatment but for many days and hours a week.7

Outpatient treatment program and therapy: You’re probably familiar with a traditional outpatient program that involves therapy once or twice a week.7

Does Seminole Tribe Insurance Cover Mental Health Care?

Mental health and substance use disorders often co-occur in people.8(How common) Professionals are not sure which condition occurs first in every case. Sometimes an undiagnosed mental health disorder leads to someone doing a substance to self-medicate. 8(why) This can lead to a substance use disorder. 8(why)

Some people start using a substance, which causes mental health issues because of side effects or brain changes. 8(why) Whatever issue started first, you can obtain treatment for both by accessing the Seminole Tribe Insurance. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has insurance mandates that ensure providers cover the basic health needs of its members.9 These basic benefits include mental health and substance abuse coverage.9

How Long Does Seminole Tribe Insurance Cover Rehab?

You may wonder how long you need to stay in rehab treatment. This will depend on several factors and needs to be discussed with an admissions navigator or clinical therapist. Every person is unique and has differing needs. The Seminole Tribe Insurance coverage varies depending on your specific policy. You can verify your insurance now with the rehab facility or talk to your insurance provider. However, whatever length of stay your Seminole care and rehabilitation center covers, it’s essential to seek the length of time recommended by professionals; they say you should go to rehab for at least three months.10 You can contact your health provider to check your exact policy guidelines and length of stay

What if My Seminole Tribe Policy Does Not Cover Rehab?

Don’t give up or lose hope even if you find out your policy doesn’t cover all the rehab treatment you need. You can inquire about financial aid or scholarship options that may be available to you through the rehab facility. It’s crucial to move forward with a treatment plan and not put off your recovery.

Seminole Tribe In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Rehab Centers

Contact your Seminole Tribe insurance administrator for in-network providers. They will let you know whether you need a referral or if you can schedule your initial appointment. If you go to an out-of-network provider, it will cost you more out-of-pocket expenses.

Seminole Tribe Plans

If you are enrolled in Seminole Tribe insurance, you may have one of the two plans:

  • The Tribal Health Plan: This plan covers medical and dental care.
  • Seminole Tribe of Florida Self-Funded Supplemental Health Plan: This plan is for tribe members only.

Contact your policyholder or verify your insurance with American Addiction Centers for more information about your healthcare plan.

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