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Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Couples Near Me

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Couples Near Me

Marriage and long-term intimate relationships provide an essential source of social support for many Americans.1 Marriage, in particular, may even serve as a protective factor among individuals suffering from drug addiction, as well as a proxy for better treatment outcomes.1 Furthermore, married couples tend to be less likely to use drugs – about 2% of married women and 4% of married men report using cocaine versus 5% of unmarried women and 11% of unmarried men using the substance.2

Unfortunately, substance abuse is nonetheless prevalent among couples, often having a detrimental effect on the relationship itself and the likelihood of seeking appropriate drug or alcohol treatment.3 Relationships in which one or both partners abuse drugs tend to have high levels of instability and dissatisfaction, as well as an increased risk of separation or divorce.4,1 In turn, relationship dysfunction also increases the risk of post treatment relapse and creates a destructive cycle where substance use and dysfunction induce each other.3 

The most commonly abused drugs among American adults, including couples, are marijuana, prescription drugs, hallucinogens, cocaine, and heroin.5 Fortunately, couples abusing these substances can find appropriate support and treatment at various state-funded and private rehab centers across the nation. Rehab programs for couples tend to involve components designed to help married and cohabiting individuals overcome addiction and related problems in the context of their intimate relationships.3 

Can Married Couples Go to a Drug or Alcohol Rehab Together?

Partners battling addiction can enter treatment together at many rehab centers across the nation. Drug and alcohol rehab for couples typically consists of both individualized therapy and relationship counseling.3  Such programs enable couples to undergo treatment in tandem and work on their problems together as partners.

What to Expect at an Alcohol and Drug Inpatient Rehab for Couples?

In addition to conventional substance abuse therapies, couples rehab may also involve counseling and treatment that focus on the health of the relationship as a whole.6 This can help couples tackle addiction from various angles and work toward recovery in tandem.6 

The majority of rehab programs for couples involve Behavioral Couples Therapy or BCT for short.3 This type of therapy aims to address the destructive cycle caused by marital problems and drug abuse through restructuring the couples’ interactions and promoting better mutual understanding.3

Couples in recovery typically start by undergoing alcohol or drug detox separately, and then begin relationship counseling together.6 Depending on the chosen drug or alcohol rehabilitation center, couples may be allowed to sleep in the same room or be required to stay in separate rooms.6 

Treatment Offered in Married Couples’ Rehab Facilities 

Couples rehab can take place in both inpatient and outpatient settings, where one partner may be a resident and the other an outpatient.7 The chosen treatment format will depend on the unique needs of the couple and whether both partners in the relationship suffer from addiction.7 Upon exiting a couples rehab program, couples may also choose to live in a drug-free environment at a sober living facility before reentering society and their personal lives.7 

Here is what each of these rehab options for couples may involve:7 

  • Inpatient: During inpatient rehab for couples, one or both partners live at a residential facility under the supervision of qualified medical professionals. Inpatient rehab may include both individual and group therapy, safe medical detox, and various specialized therapies depending on the chosen treatment center and the needs of the patients. 
  • Outpatient: This form of couples rehab allows patients to remain at home while undergoing treatment at a rehab facility. Outpatient treatment may involve many of the same components as inpatient treatment while being more flexible. 
  • Sober living: Couples who are at risk of relapse or struggle to keep illicit substances out of their home may benefit from sober living and halfway houses. Living in a drug-free environment during recovery can improve treatment outcomes and facilitate lasting sobriety. 

Treatment Therapies for Married Couples in Drug and Alcohol Rehab 

Couples attending drug or alcohol rehab together can benefit from a variety of therapies designed specifically for the addiction struggles faced in relationships:3 

  • BCT (Behavioral Couples Therapy) is an approach to addiction treatment based on the assumption that couples struggling with substance abuse can lower the risk of relapse by improving their communication and conflict resolution skills. BCT aims to increase a couple’s commitment to the relationships and improve their motivation to pursue sobriety together. 
  • ABCT (Alcohol-focused Behavioral Couple Therapy) is a cognitive-behavioral alcohol treatment model that assumes a reciprocal connection between the functioning of a relationship and the couples’ alcohol abuse.8 For this reason, ABCT includes interventions focused on both drinking behavior and external environmental/social variables that may influence substance use.8 
  • MAT (Medication-assisted treatment) can also be a part of couples drug or alcohol rehab.9 MAT involves using medications combined with behavioral therapy and counseling to help individuals battling opioid and alcohol addiction. The medications prescribed in this form of treatment serve to normalize the patient’s brain chemistry and relieve physical and psychological cravings for the drug.9  
  • RCA (Recovering Couples Anonymous) is a self-supporting fellowship of couples in recovery from various addictions and dysfunctions. RCA aims to help couples develop intimacy, improve communication, and restore their relationship, often relying on Alcoholics Anonymous principles. 

Does a Couples Drug or Alcohol Rehab Center Provide Mental Health Treatment?

Since drug or alcohol rehab for married and cohabiting couples typically involves many of the traditional components included in regular rehab, many treatment centers offer support for couples struggling with co-occurring disorders.10 However, one condition that needs to be met in Behavioral Couples Therapy is that neither of the partners in a relationship suffer from a severe mental health issue that may impair their participation in couples rehab.3 For this reason, it is usually a good idea to check with a potential treatment provider whether they provide the rehab option you and your partner seek. 

Is Couples Alcohol & Drug Rehab Program the Right Choice?

Although rehab for couples may involve various couple-based therapy components, the process of undergoing medical detox and overcoming the root causes of addiction is highly individualized and personal.11 Moreover, partners in a relationship may be battling addiction problems that stem from vastly different reasons, which is why determining the underlying causes of addiction for both individuals is essential.11 

Based on the specific addiction problems a couple may face and the nature of the relationship itself, an alcohol and drug treatment provider may recommend separate treatment courses.11 For instance, one partner may be experiencing rapid progress while the other is moving slowly through recovery, causing the couple to feel out of sync during rehab.11 Additionally, not all couples benefit equally from undergoing drug or alcohol treatment together. Some situations in which attending rehab separately may be the better option include:6 

What to Look for While Selecting Couples’ Inpatient Rehab Programs?

When choosing between couples rehab centers available near you, you may want to consider the following factors:12 

  • Accreditation: A rehab facility that is accredited by reputable state and national organizations, such as SAMHSA, CARF, and the Joint Commission would be more likely to offer high-quality treatment. 
  • Staff-to-patient ratio: A reputable drug or alcohol treatment center for couples should have the right staff-to-patient ratio that ensures high quality of care for each individual patient. Furthermore, the staff should consist of qualified and experienced professionals. 
  • Treatment track record: Look for facilities that have a history of success in helping struggling couples and individuals achieve lasting sobriety. Additionally, you may need to make sure that the couples rehab offers the type of research-based treatment you seek. 

How to Find a Couples Alcohol & Drug Rehab Near Me?

At American Addiction Centers, we provide evidence and compassion-based drug and alcohol rehab for both couples and individuals. Whether you are looking for sober living facilities in Florida or need couples detox facilities near you, you can contact one of our helplines and get the information you need. Our admission navigators can also verify your insurance coverage and benefits and help you get the admission process started

Recovering from drug addiction on your own can be difficult, but it may be even more challenging if both you and your partner are struggling. At AAC, we provide personalized rehab programs for couples designed to help you achieve sobriety in tandem. We are committed to supporting you and your loved one through recovery. Contact us today to get more information. 

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