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Family Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs Near Me

Family Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs Near You

Addiction to drugs and alcohol comes at a high cost and grave consequences. It has a disruptive, devastating effect on individuals who engage in substance abuse directly and on their loved ones.1 However, when a person enters treatment and begins recovery, this has a beneficial effect on everyone else in the family.2

The primary goal of family-centered drug and alcohol rehab programs is to help the family member battling addiction begin to recover with the help and support of the rest of the family, as well as to restore or improve the functioning of the whole family.2

Family treatment programs, unlike traditional inpatient drug rehab, rely heavily on the role of family members in the recovery process.2 An individual struggling with addiction needs and has better chances of returning to a productive, sober life with the help and support from professionals and their friends and family.2

What Are Family Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers?

We can differentiate between inpatient and outpatient rehab centers and short-term and long-term treatment plans.3 Each recovering individual is unique and has unique needs, which is why a detailed assessment of the person’s level of addiction and their physical and mental state is made as part of their rehab intake process.3

For individuals battling a chronic, relapsing opioid addiction, staying in a residential inpatient rehab center for an extended period of time is most likely to lead to long-term success, and this may be followed by a stay in a sober housing facility or a halfway home.3

But some of these programs have strict rules and policies, especially at the beginning of treatment. For this reason, recovering individuals may have restricted visitation rights before they have made some progress, and that includes family members.4 On the other hand, some rehab centers follow a diametrically opposite philosophy and see family as the most important support system in a person’s life.5

Family-based rehab centers offer full support to those struggling with substance use disorders through a comprehensive scope of services with a focus on family involvement.2 These rehab centers may make special arrangements for the family members in order to improve individual’s treatment outcomes.

What Are The Five Family Roles In Addiction?

Although the decision to take drugs for the first time may be voluntary, addiction is not. Involuntarily, the whole family becomes involved, and different family members take different roles in addiction:2

  • The Caretaker or Enabler strives to protect the user against the negative effects of their substance use and often neglects their own needs in the process.
  • The Family Hero becomes the source of reliance for the whole family and takes responsibility for and takes care of the family member battling addiction.
  • The Scapegoat resorts to maladaptive behavior patterns to draw attention from the person with addiction, and may also be at risk of developing a substance use disorder. 
  • The Mascot takes the role of distracting the family from the effects of the person battling substance use disorder and shows tendency to avoid conflict even later in life.
  • The Lost Child often has their wants and needs neglected and may feel lonely and isolated.

How Can Families Recognize Drug Addiction?

Family members may be unable to recognize or even willing to look past the signs of drug addiction in a loved one. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to common signs that a family member might be struggling with addiction:2

  • Do they try to cut back or stop using, but are unable to do so?
  • Are they displaying any unusual behavioral changes?
  • Are they missing work or other obligations?
  • Are they constantly borrowing money?
  • Are they showing physical signs of abuse?
  • Are they putting family members in harm’s way?

Although families may attempt to stage an intervention upon realizing that their loved one has progressed to drug addiction, this may not be the most effective way to help a loved one.3 What they need is professional help and a personalized treatment plan, and the simplest way to find out more about appropriate rehab options is to contact a hotline.

How Can a Family Support a Person Battling Addiction?

Family members can support a treatment-seeking individual in their battle against addiction in multiple ways:2

  • Participating actively in family therapy
  • Improving their communication with the user
  • Setting boundaries 
  • Building or rebuilding trust

What Is a Family Support Group?

Family members often do everything they can to help a loved one begin to recover from addiction, but they often need help coping with the situation themselves.1 Many individuals know little about addiction and its terrifying consequences, so they may not be aware of what they’re up against and what they can do to facilitate damage control.5 

There are different support groups for family members who are going through difficult times:1 

What Happens in a Family Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program?

Treatment takes place in stages designed to support recovering individuals:2

  • Medically assisted detoxification (detox).
  • Rehabilitation therapy (different modalities of therapies).
  • Family therapy.
  • Individual sessions.

What Are the Benefits of Family Drug Rehab Programs?

Family drug rehab programs can greatly promote and facilitate a person’s recovery and family involvement can correlate positively with treatment entry, retention, and beneficial long-term outcomes.3 Benefits include:2

  • Active family involvement provides the foundational support to treat the underlying causes of addiction and inspire meaningful, lasting change.
  • The comfort of having the support and understanding of family members can be a powerful driving force.
  • The family’s continuing engagement and active role in follow-up care can promote the recovering individual’s chances of lasting recovery.

How Much Does a Family Recovery Center Cost?

Rehab programs which offer private accommodation and other luxury amenities within the rehab facility are the most expensive. Finding an affordable family rehab program can be challenging but there are ways to make paying for treatment costs more manageable, and there are low-cost and free rehab programs available nationwide.6 The scope of services these programs offer depends on the resources and funding at their disposal.

Does Insurance Cover Family Recovery Program?

Alarming numbers of people across the country are battling crippling addiction to alcohol and drugs. However, there are ways for individuals with insurance to get the treatment they need. 

Leading insurance providers nationwide cover the costs of drug addiction treatment, at least to an extent and for a certain period of time.6 If insurance is not available and private pay is the only option, there are various rehab payment methods to explore, including obtaining a loan, borrowing money from friends and family, and a less conventional but increasingly common one: crowdfunding.

How to Find a Family Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center Near Me?

Family involvement through family counseling or similar approaches which rely on the recovering individual’s family members may be a critical component of the recovery process.2 If you or a family member are battling addiction and want to learn more about rehab options that involve other family members in the recovery process, you can easily get in touch with American Addiction Centers to get detailed information, have your or your loved one’s insurance coverage verified and find answers to your questions about finding a family rehab facility that is right for you or your loved one. 

Our helpline is conveniently available, whether you want to discuss your situation in absolute privacy or check your benefits and learn more about the financial aspect of treatment right away. If you are ready to get the admission process started, we can recommend options and facilities that can accommodate your requirements.

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