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Florida drug abuse hotlines in are toll-free and confidential phone lines available for citizens to dial at any time of day. These hotlines are staffed with representatives and counselors that specialize in helping people suffering from drug abuse in Florida, as well as their family members.
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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Hotlines in Florida

Despite a lot of prejudice about addiction, problems arising from the abuse of alcohol, illegal, and even prescription drug abuse in Florida, are quite widespread. Physical and mental health consequences of addiction became particularly evident during the last century. As a result, various treatment resources emerged, including numerous addiction hotlines.1

The United States offered its first nationally funded suicide hotline in 2000, but the first hotlines are actually more than 60 years old. The first US hotlines were established during the 1960s as a form of suicide prevention and help for the LGBT+ community. By the 1970s, the hotline model started offering support to other vulnerable communities like abuse victims, or people with addiction or mental health issues. Hotlines became a way for people in crisis to reach out for help and set the terms of those interactions themselves.2

In 2018, there were 67,367 drug overdose deaths reported in the U.S. Nearly 70% of them involved opioids. In the state of Florida, around 68% of all reported overdose deaths were opioid-related.3 Addiction treatment and substance abuse hotlines in Florida are one of the most important tools for FL residents on their path to recovery.

What Is a Florida Drug Addiction Hotline?

FL addiction hotline is a free phone service anyone can call to get advice about alcohol and drug addiction, as well as available treatment in the state. There are also mental health hotlines for any co-occurring issues. All calls are confidential, so you can get help while remaining completely anonymous.4

24-Hour Florida hotlines can provide assistance, referrals, resources, and general information on the signs and symptoms of SUDs and direct you to available treatment centers. Their trained advisors can connect you with crisis counselors or other professionals, like depression hotlines, or helplines for heroin addiction in Florida, for example. 

Additionally, the operators have the knowledge and resources to guide you through the initial steps of recovery from addiction, as well as other possible mental health concerns. If you or someone you know needs help, highly trained staff can provide assistance and non-judgmental and compassionate support that can put you on a path to recovery.4

According to SAMHSA’s National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services, the total number of clients in FL rehab centers in 2017 was 62,427, across 668 facilities. Types of treatment these clients were receiving were:5

  • Total outpatient: 55,212 clients, of which: 
    • 26,764 and 4,257 in regular and intensive treatment respectively. 
    • 2,125 in day treatment or partial hospitalization. 
    • 1,546 in detox, and 20,520 on Methadone/buprenorphine maintenance or naltrexone treatment.
  • Residential (non-hospital): 5,656 clients in total residential treatment. 
    • 1,604 in short-term treatment.
    • 3,266 in long-term treatment.
    • 786 in detox.
  • Hospital inpatient treatment was received by a total of 1,559 patients, and 790 of them were in detox.

The percentage of clients treated for both alcohol and drug abuse was 37.3%, and 52.9 % of all patients were diagnosed with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders.5

Questions to Ask When You Call a 24/7 Substance Abuse Hotline

When you decide to call a FL addiction services hotline, you should get some basic information that might help you to determine the severity of your abuse problems and the best course of action to deal with them. A hotline representative can help you conclude what kind of treatment you need and suggest further steps you could take. The usual questions to ask are:6

Can I Call a FL Addiction Recovery Hotline for Someone Else?

Absolutely. You can call a free hotline for addiction treatment in Florida and learn how to help a loved one struggling with substance abuse. It could be your partner, family member, friend, or even an acquaintance. You could also ask about available support groups for family members of users.7

How Do I Know I Should Call a Florida Alcohol & Drug Addiction Hotline?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the consequences of your drug or alcohol abuse, or you noticed that you’ve been devoting significant time to using or trying to obtain the substance you’re having issues with while neglecting other important aspects of your life, maybe it’s time to consider talking to someone who knows what to do.6 

When you call a FL addiction hotline, you’ll be greeted by a well-trained and compassionate advisor, ready to hear about your problems and help you find an appropriate solution.4 The same criteria should be applied if it’s someone else having these problems. Instead of confronting them and trying to resolve the issue yourself, contact a helpline for professional guidance. They can direct you to professional interventionists who can help you in approaching the struggling individual.22

Are Substance Abuse Hotlines in Florida Free and Confidential?

All FL drug counseling calls are free and absolutely confidential. Even if you’re not ready to share personal information just yet, you can call as many times as you like until you feel more comfortable. The information you do decide to share can’t be disclosed to anyone without your explicit permission. However, the more information you give, the easier it will be for the helpline advisor to provide the best possible advice.9, 10

What Happens When You Call Drug or Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Hotlines for FL Residents?

When you call the helpline number, a trained representative will answer your call and listen to your story. Based on the information you provide, they can assess your situation, guide you through the possible options, and recommend your next step. To be able to make a correct assessment, they will ask you some questions. Whether you decide to answer them is entirely up to you, but your answers will help the advisor suggest viable options. Some of those questions are:6

  • Are you currently in crisis or is your life in danger?
  • What are your age and location?
  • What is the duration and severity of your addiction?
  • Do you have any co-existing mental health issues?
  • Do you feel motivated to start treatment for substance abuse?
  • Could you tell us more about your or your loved one’s heroin use?
  • Can you please share some personal and insurance information with us?

Resources & Hotline Phone Numbers in Florida

If you or someone you care about is struggling with substance abuse in Florida, you can use one of these resources for information, referral, and support.

How Can I Find a Nearby Inpatient Drug Rehab Facility in Florida?

To find out what your options are, provide the hotline representative with information about what area you live in. You can also reach out to your health insurance provider so they can check your coverage and suggest possible inpatient treatment options in Florida. If you’re interested in a specific rehab center, you can call their hotline and their admissions navigator will check if your insurance provider covers the type of treatment you need at their facility.9

Recovery First Treatment Center & River Oaks Treatment Center

Some of the most reputable rehab centers in Florida are Recovery First Treatment Center in Hollywood, FL, and River Oaks treatment facility in Riverview. With amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and recreation rooms, apartment-style rehab living, or quiet reflection and meditation areas, you can feel comfortable and focus all your attention on recovery.

As some of the top-rated addiction treatment facilities, these centers offer personalized treatment and a full continuum of care, including safe and comfortable medical detox, personalized individual counseling tailored to each patient, as well as nature-based programs designed to help in recovery. You can give them a call to check your insurance coverage or you can do it by filling out an online insurance form.

Additional Rehab Options

Some rehab centers also offer specifically tailored addiction treatment approaches for sensitive or population groups with particular needs such as:15

You can use the locators listed in the section above to find the rehab centers closest to your location. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment that lasts 28 days, some offer only long-term treatment, and others offer both. Based on each patient’s needs, long-term treatment can last 60 days or in some cases, 90-day treatment may be necessary.15 

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Florida?

The cost of treatment will depend on the type and intensity of rehab. Different addictions require different types of treatment. From medical care to amenities, many other elements may affect the price. It is worth noting that every addiction treatment is individual and catered to a patient’s particular needs:24

  • Outpatient detox programs typically cost between $1,000 and $1,500.
  • A 30-day inpatient program may cost around $6,000. The price goes up to $20 000 for renowned centers. The average 60- or 90-day programs range from $12,000 to $60,000.  
  • Outpatient programs cost from $5000 to $10 000.

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