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Jewish Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs Near Me

Jewish Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Near You

Substance abuse comes with serious, far-reaching repercussions and it can affect any demographic group.1 Members of the Jewish community are no exception.2 While religiosity may do little to prevent substance abuse, especially in an environment with high exposure to this practice, it can limit its detrimental effects.3 

Additionally, religion can positively impact critical retention and commitment to treatment.4 More importantly, it can also help individuals struggling with addiction overcome it and return to a productive sober life.4

For many individuals battling substance abuse, faith can play an important role in promoting, initiating and continuing recovery.5 Incorporating religion and spirituality into substance abuse treatment may correlate positively with beneficial long-term treatment outcomes and better treatment retention.5

The primary goal of Jewish drug and alcohol rehab programs is to address substance abuse in accordance with the principles of effective treatment while maintaining a sharp focus on faith as the guiding principle of recovery.6

However, Jewish treatment programs typically differ from traditional inpatient drug rehab programs because they also follow and heavily rely on essential Jewish values and principles.7

What Are Jewish Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers?

Jewish rehab centers are committed to providing comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment among the Jewish population by helping them focus on faith and recovery.8 This is important because substance abusers in these communities may be reluctant to seek treatment out of fear of being stigmatized or judged by the community.2

Jewish-based rehab centers offer much-needed acceptance and full support to those in the Jewish community struggling with substance use disorders, although they may also accommodate the needs of individuals outside of that community.5

Substance Use in the Jewish Community

Despite the relatively low prevalence of substance abuse among the Jewish community, individuals who identify themselves as Jewish are not immune to these issues. It is alcoholism in particular that members of the Jewish population often struggle with.2 

What may make the situation worse is that many practicing members of the Jewsih community believe that they are immune to the effects of alcohol and drugs, and that only those who have become alienated and estranged from the traditional Jewish way of life can develop addiction.7

As opposed to viewing substance abuse as a sign of moral failure, substance abuse needs to be viewed as a serious, real problem that exists in Jewish communities across the nation and that can only be managed through effective prevention and treatment.7

Jewish Substance Abuse Statistics

Although the Jewish community is less prone to substance abuse than some other groups and differences exist between Jewish subgroups (Orthodox vs. non-Orthodox), the scope of substance abuse is high in general, so the statistics are grim.2 A significant portion of the Jewish community knows someone affected by an addiction whereas over 20% have a family history of addiction.9

Mental Disorders in the Jewish Community

Mental health issues prevalent in the Jewish community include anxiety and depression, which raises the risk of suicide.2 Many rehab centers offer comprehensive treatment, including treatment for the co-occurring disorder, which is a substance use disorder co-occurring with a mental health disorder.1

Jewish 12-Step Programs

Many approaches to treatment are modeled after the original 12-step program. Although the 12-step program is typically associated with Christianity, it can also be modified to accommodate the needs of the Jewish population.10 The Jewish 12-step program can help recovering individuals focus on finding inner and outer peace in order to achieve and maintain sobriety.10

Levels of Care Provided in Jewish Drug Rehab Programs

Like other rehab programs available nowadays, Jewish alcohol and drug rehab programs offer different levels of care intensity:1

  • Inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation
  • Outpatient detoxification and rehabilitation
  • Sober living homes
  • Aftercare/support groups

In order to make personalized recommendations, treatment providers perform an in-depth assessment prior to admission.1

What Happens in a Jewish Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program?

Many Jewish alcohol and drug rehab programs comprise different treatment phases to support the person in recovery based on their unique changing needs:1

  • Medically assisted detoxification as the first step
  • Rehabilitation therapy (different modalities of therapy)
  • Individual sessions

What Are the Benefits of Jewish Drug Rehab Programs?

Different components work in harmony to provide full recovery support to recovering individuals. The key benefits of such multifaceted approach employed at a Jewish drug rehab program include:8

  • Faith-based rehab that promotes recovery while relying on faith. 
  • Follow-up care that encourages abstinence and enables recovering individuals to stay connected to the sober community.
  • Integration of spirituality and medical treatment into a comprehensive approach that meets the needs of religious individuals. 

How Much Does Jewish Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program Cost?

Much like in the case of other rehab programs, the cost of different Jewish programs depends on the duration of treatment, intensity of care, and scope of services included in the program. We can differentiate between different treatment modalities, but comprehensive programs will likely include the following components:1

  • Detox (5,7, 10 days)
  • Inpatient (28,30 days)
  • Long-term rehab (90-day, 6-month rehab)
  • High or low-intensity outpatient care
  • Sober living and halfway homes

Therefore, the cost will greatly depend on the type of modality you or a loved one participate in.11 

Does Insurance Cover Jewish Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program?

Major insurance providers nationwide cover drug addiction treatment, at least to a certain extent and for a certain period of time.11 If insurance is not available, treatment-seeking individuals can explore different payment methods and resources to get the treatment. They may turn to friends and family for financial assistance, explore crowdfunding options, or apply for a loan.11

How to Find Jewish-based Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center Near Me?

Helping a loved one escape the vicious circle that is addiction can be challenging and frustrating, especially if they are battling chronic addiction with frequent relapses.1 However, there are ways to help by reaching out to a specialized treatment center. 

Contacting American Addiction Centers is a confidential and convenient way to verify your insurance coverage and find accurate information about an immediately accessible Jewish rehab facility. American Addiction Centers have facilities nationwide and there may be treatment available near you. 

In addition to discussing treatment and payment options with a helpline representative who can check your benefits on the spot, you can ask about details regarding the admission and treatment process, and how the rehab facility can accommodate your or your loved one’s requirements.

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