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Drug Rehab Centers for Men Only

Addiction comes in all forms. One of the ways to get effective treatment is to seek out a specific rehabilitation center designed for the individual who will be going through the process, such as rehab for men. For many people, going to a same-sex rehabilitation center can help steer them away from any discomfort they may feel when dealing with those of the opposite sex. Rehab for men can be seen as a way to not only break the dangerous addiction cycle but to also connect with fellow men who understand the pain they are going through. This leads to more effective treatment and longer-lasting results.

Why Choose Men-Only Drug Rehab Center?

projectknow-shutter300344765-male-doctor-male-patientSociety pushes for men to be strong. This tends to make men wary when it comes to seeking help for their addiction problems. By going to a rehab for men, they can see there are other men who are in the same position as they are, and engage in conversations with those who have broken free from the cycle. This gives a person hope for the future and determination to return to the former life before the presence of drugs. A man may feel less judged in a men-only rehab center than in a mixed-gender setting. Once again, this is something which can help a man lower his guard and allow real healing to occur.

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Not all men-only rehab centers are the same. Many men choose to do a walkthrough of the facility before signing up, to see whether or not it will be able to deliver their desired results. While a comforting environment is necessary, it is also important to remember exactly why a person is going to the center. They are working to deal with their addiction and withdrawal symptoms, so make sure the center in question can address both aspects of recovery. Make sure the center is staffed with competent counselors who will help guide the addict into recovery; this often involves addressing the root causes that led to addiction in the first place.

Did You Know?

Many luxury rehab centers are now using acupuncture in their addiction treatment. If the center you choose engages in alternative or homeopathic ways of handling addiction, such as acupuncture, make sure it will only be carried out by a licensed practitioner.

How Addiction Affects Men Differently Than Women

There are many reasons why men can become more severely addicted to drugs as opposed to women. These include:

  • Biology. Genes tend to play a large role in determining whether or not someone becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol.
  • Development. The earlier a person starts taking drugs, the more their growth and development suffers. Many people who become strongly addicted later in life start when they are younger and continue taking the illegal substances until late in life.
  • Sense of belonging. Some men begin taking drugs as a way to fit in with their peers. This can often lead to short-term social promotion within a group; however, as time wears on, this can lead to mental, physical and emotional problems long after the acceptance period has ended.
  • Environment. This is a key issue with men. The stress of providing for a family and living up to society’s guidelines can prove to be too stressful for many people. Drugs help take the edge off, if only for a moment. Through rehabilitation centers for men, a man can learn to find alternative ways to deal with daily stress.

Most of these centers will be designed with additional stimulating ways to divert a man’s attention from the desire to use drugs and alcohol. At a rehab for men, the therapies are designed specifically with men in mind, ensuring treatment that is focused and detailed. Physical activities and strong teamwork activities are often used to help rebuild confidence which may have been lost during active addiction.

Luxury Rehab for Men

Did you know most luxury centers specializing in rehab for men have basketball, tennis and golf courses set up to provide entertainment between counseling sessions? It has been proven that physical exercise helps men relax more than solely talking about their feelings. This leads to a greater chance of full recovery.


According to the Office of National Drug Control, over $600 billion will be lost as a result of substance abuse. The primary addictions for most men are alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.

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Addiction treatment for men provides a tailored approach to addiction recovery. Counseling is available to help deal with the emotional pain commonly associated with misuse of drugs. Through therapy, men can see how they have harmed the ones around them and use strength and knowledge to break free from the harmful cycle of addiction. Patience and understanding are paramount for a man to break from his addiction successfully.

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