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Drug Rehab Programs in the Mountains

Rehab programs in the mountains provide addiction treatment services in a unique setting. The natural surroundings are important to the healing process, as healing may be better achieved in the serene setting provided. Many of these treatment centers offer a unique approach to recovery. If you are looking for an addiction treatment facility in the mountains, call for more information.

What Is Rehabilitation?

mountain rehabRehabilitation is the process of restoring a person’s life to a good condition. The term is usually used to describe the process of recovery from addiction or another affliction. The idea behind a rehab center is that the suffering individual is not a criminal; instead, addiction is considered a disease that can be effectively treated with proper rehabilitative care. For help finding top rehab programs in the mountains, call .

Treatment Programs

Rehabilitation is achieved with a variety of methods. One technique is a multi-step program. This is a faith-based approach in which the addicted individual recovers one step at a time. The 12-step program was made popular by Alcoholics Anonymous, but other organizations have adopted similar approaches.

Another option is cognitive behavioral counseling. This kind of therapy gets to the root cause of the problem. The patient is taught new coping skills and new habits that help him or her recover from the addiction.

Initially, patients may be prescribed medication to help lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms that are associated with certain addictions. Once the patient has been able to detox, then the therapy can begin. Therapy, counseling and medication can be used in conjunction to cure the addiction and help the patient recover a normal life. Rehab programs in the mountains use these techniques with the added healing power of nature.

Did You Know?

The United States has four main mountain ranges. These larger ranges comprise over 100 smaller ranges. Nearly every state has mountains, but only four states have peaks above 14,000 feet.


There are several benefits to seeking treatment at rehab centers near mountains. These include:

  • Peaceful atmosphere
  • Nurturing environment
  • Comprehensive plan
  • Comfortable setting
  • Secluded location

Sometimes a rehabilitation center can feel clinical or hospital-like. Rehab programs in the mountains offer an alternative that feels more like home.

When to Seek Treatment

Addiction leaves many clues in its path. When an individual habitually abuses drugs or alcohol, his or her body becomes dependent on that substance, and the person has to use ever-increasing quantities of the substance to get the desired high. This leads to addiction. Signs of addiction include:

  • Inability to stop using drugs or alcohol
  • Money problems
  • Changes in behavior
  • Poor hygiene
  • Weight loss
  • Slurred speech
  • Confusion
  • Withdrawal symptoms

For more information, call .

Did You Know?

In 2009, 23.5 million people (9.3 percent of the population) over the age of 12 were treated for a drug or alcohol abuse problem.

Unique Approach

While rehab programs in the mountains follow traditional treatment options, many offer something more. Some of these facilities go beyond what is considered typical and offer the following therapies:

  • Equine therapy: This is a treatment option that brings people together with animals. Individuals learn to care for and ride horses. Patients can learn better communication skills and build confidence that will help them on their road to recovery.
  • Outdoor and survival treatment: This method takes patients outside the treatment facility. Activities include skiing, hiking, meditation and even helicopter rides. This unique approach is designed to bring people and nature together. An emphasis is placed on self-reflection.
  • Ropes and challenge courses: This treatment is based on physical activity. Patients traverse a series of different obstacle courses. This activity is used to teach the recovering addict about problem solving, perseverance and self-esteem.
  • Spiritual healing: This is a treatment technique that centers on the mind, body and spirit. Patients learn stress relief activities, such as yoga and tai chi. Acupuncture is used to aid the detox process and lessen withdrawal symptoms.

These programs are used in conjunction with counseling, therapy and medication.


“Mountain rehab centers can be found in every major mountain chain in the country.”Mountain rehab centers can be found in every major mountain chain in the country. States such as Colorado, Utah, California, Tennessee and Nevada are popular locations for these centers. Rehab programs in the mountains are effective programs to treat addiction in a breathtaking setting.

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