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24/7-Nevada Drug And Alcohol Addiction Hotline

24-Hour Substance Abuse Treatment Hotline Numbers in Nevada

According to the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS) 2017 report, 15,555 patients were admitted to Nevada rehab facilities.1

Nevada drug abuse statistics show that methamphetamine, alcohol, and heroin are drugs with the highest number of users and the rate of deaths caused by overdose that involved opioids in 2018 was 11.5. In 2019, the total number of clients treated for drug and alcohol abuse in NV rehab centers was 7,186.1 When it comes to Nevada’s prescription drug abuse, it’s worth noting that NV providers wrote 55.5 opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons.2

Drug and alcohol hotline numbers are an indispensable tool in the battle against the Nevada drug problem and depression and mental health hotlines are an equally important resource for people dealing with substance abuse.

Ever since the first suicide prevention hotlines in California during the ‘60s, the public and various organizations recognized the value of this type of support. The number of helplines significantly grew during the next decades as they started providing help and guidance to other sensitive groups, with alcohol and drug-addicted individuals being one of them.3

What Is NV Addiction Services Hotline?

Alcohol and drug addiction help hotlines in Nevada are 24-hour, 7 days a week, toll-free phone numbers individuals can contact to get accurate information about substance abuse in general, and receive drug counseling advice, guidance, and referral to other resources, like drug rehabilitation centers or support groups for family members of struggling individuals.4

Hotline advisors are trained to assist individuals struggling with substance abuse, help them obtain essential information, get professional help, and start treatment. They are also understanding and nonjudgmental, so callers can express their concerns and ask questions, or just share what’s on their minds without fear of consequences.4

Treatment Options That Nevada Addiction Facilities Provide

According to the N-SSATS report, 106 Nevada facilities reported 7,249 clients in substance abuse treatment.5

The models of care that were available to NV clients include:5

  • Total outpatient treatment with a total of 4,260 clients.
    • 2,349 patients were in regular, and 492 in intensive treatment.
    • 62 clients were in day treatment.
    • 15 were in detox.
    • 1,342 were on medication maintenance therapy.
  • Residential treatment: out of 249 patients
    • 164 attended short-term treatment.
    • 85 were in long-term treatment.
  • Hospital inpatient treatment: out of 28 patients, 9 were in detox.

There are 59 NV facilities (86.8%) that treat clients with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders, and 44.7% of clients were diagnosed with such disorders according to the 2017 report.6

What Questions Should I Ask NV Substance Abuse Hotline?

Upon calling a NV addiction hotline, you can talk about anything that you consider relevant to your circumstances. However, there are some essential questions that could help you form a more comprehensive understanding of your condition and make an informed decision about the next steps you might want to take. Some of those questions include:7

Can I Call a NV Hotline on Someone’s Behalf?

You certainly can. The person whose substance abuse you’re worried about could be your spouse or partner, child, friend, relative, or just an acquaintance. If you believe they present a danger to themselves or others, it would be useful to inform yourself on steps you could take to help them.8

If you feel the need to actively help and intend to talk to them about their substance abuse, do so in an understanding, non-judgmental way. Try suggesting that they seek professional help and don’t try to organize an intervention yourself.8

When Calling a Nevada Addiction Recovery Hotline Might Be the Right Thing to Do?

The main benefit of calling a Nevada helpline is an opportunity to share what’s on your mind with someone who will not judge you and can provide you with resources and accurate information about issues you’re worried about. If you’ve noticed that your or a loved one’s addiction has gotten out of control, it’s probably time to ask for professional help and guidance.7

You don’t have to share anything you’re not comfortable with, and it’s ok if you need to call more than once until you feel at ease talking to a hotline advisor. If you provide them with sufficient information, they can evaluate the current situation and refer you to treatment providers best suited to your needs. Keep in mind that you’re not committing to anything by calling an addiction hotline.4

The Confidentiality & Pricing of NV Drug & Alcohol Abuse Hotlines 

You can rest assured that all the calls are completely free and confidential. Multiple laws are in place to protect any information you provide that can’t be disclosed unless you give your permission.9

What Comes Next After Calling the Nevada Drug Abuse Hotline Number?

Upon calling an NV addiction help hotline, your call will be answered by a well-trained representative, who will ask a few questions and carefully evaluate your situation. It’s up to you whether you want to share any of your private information. However, if you decide to do so, you will help the hotline advisor to assess your condition, present you with available options and suggest possible next steps. Some of the questions you’d generally be asked are:7

  • Are you experiencing a crisis or is your life in immediate danger?
  • How old are you and what’s your location?
  • How would you describe the severity of your addiction?
  • Are you aware of any co-existing mental health issues?
  • Do you think you’re ready to start treatment?
  • Specifics about your alcohol or heroin addiction.
  • Insurance or other financial status information.

Resources and Phone Hotline Numbers Available to NV Residents

Abuse of alcohol and prescription and illicit drugs has led to a severe national crisis that affects public health. Nevada teenagers are 22.98% more likely to have used drugs during the last month than the average American teen.10 

This is why both national and local resources are easily accessible to people looking for possible treatment programs, whether you’re based in Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, Spring Valley, or any other city in Nevada. In fact, 24-hour Nevada helpline resources will provide you with reliable information, and advice about treatment options, or direct you to licensed treatment centers for those struggling with drug or alcohol dependence.

  • Nevada Resources List offers a 24/7 Crisis Call Center: 775-784-8090 or 1-800-273-8255.
  • Find AA Meetings in Nevada. Alcoholics Anonymous 24-Hour Hotline: 800-839-1686.
  • The National Institute on Drug Abuse provides guidance to help you identify signs of substance abuse, without promoting any specific treatment program or facility. To find the right treatment take a look at the Step-by-Step Guides.12
  • Call SAMHSA‘s National Helpline: 800-662-HELP (4357); or visit SAMHSA Treatment Locator to find addiction treatment in Nevada.
  • American Addiction Centers: ; This trusted treatment provider offers valuable information about addiction and treatment, as well as science-backed rehab programs. Their helpline is confidential, free, and available 24/7.

What’s the Best Way to Locate Available Drug Rehab Centers in Nevada?

There are 106 substance abuse rehab facilities in Nevada, of which:5

Another way to get information about your treatment options is by reaching out to some of the top-rated local rehab facilities:

Both facilities offer residential rehabilitation, which means that patients live at the facility during the treatment. Inpatient programs can be short-term or long-term. Long-term inpatient programs can last 60 days or, in some cases, the severity of addiction might require a longer, 90 day stay at the facility to achieve lasting results. Longer stays can allow patients to work on the underlying causes of their substance abuse issues.

Additional options

Some rehab facilities offer special approach options for patients with particular needs or vulnerable population groups:

Another way to find out more about your treatment and payment options is to call your health insurance provider. They can obtain information on your insurance coverage for SUD treatment. You can also use any of the local Nevada hotlines or nationwide locators and resources listed in the section above to find rehab centers closest to you or ones best suited to your needs.

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