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New Jersey Alcohol And Drug Abuse Hotline: Addiction Helpline

New Jersey Alcohol and Drug Addiction & Abuse Hotlines

While there are many prejudices regarding the disease of addiction, the number of people with substance abuse in New Jersey and in other states is rising. While drug abuse isn’t a new issue, the consequences of addiction, both physical and psychological, are becoming more apparent throughout the last century. As a result, many new types of treatment and help are becoming available, including hotlines that provide 24/7 addiction help.1

While the first nationally funded hotline in the U.S. was established in 2000, hotlines date more than 60 years in the past. First hotlines were initiated in the 1960s, helping with suicide prevention and providing assistance to LGBT+ individuals.2

A few years later, hotlines started providing support to many vulnerable communities, including victims of abuse, but also people struggling with substance abuse disorder (SUD). They were a popular choice as they allowed individuals to dictate how they interact with services that provide help.2

According to the State of New Jersey’s Department of Health, there were more than 82,000 treatment admissions in 2020. About 41% of these people sought help for heroin abuse, and 32% were struggling with alcoholism. Many of these people were admitted after calling the drug and alcohol help hotline in New Jersey.3

What Is NJ Addiction Services Hotline?

NJ hotlines for substance abuse are phone services available to struggling individuals and their families. They provide individuals with resources and advice about drug and alcohol addiction. Other than hotlines for SUD, there are mental health hotlines in NJ, such as depression hotlines that can help people struggling with co-occurring disorders.4

New Jersey helplines assist struggling individuals and their loved ones by providing them with available resources, referrals, and important information about signs and symptoms of addiction, as well as pointing them to suitable treatment centers in New Jersey.4

The trained dispatchers can help you get in touch with professionals such as crisis counselors or some specific hotlines, such as helplines for heroin addiction in New Jersey.4

There are more than 400 treatment facilities in NJ providing help for tens of thousands of struggling individuals. About 3% of those seeking help are teens under 18 years of age.5 When it comes to treatment options in NJ, there are:5

About 40% of admitted patients struggled with both alcohol and drug abuse. About 49% of them abused drugs only, while alcohol was abused by approximately 11% of individuals who came into treatment facilities.5

What Questions Should I Ask a NJ Substance Abuse Hotline?

When you call a 24/7 substance abuse hotline, you should try to get useful information on addiction, treatment, and the next steps. Hotline operators can help you discuss how to recognize if you or a loved one is addicted to a substance. After that, they can help you take the next step and find the right way to get help dealing with addiction.4

Some of the questions you can ask a New Jersey addiction recovery hotlines are:6

Do NJ Hotlines Accept Calls for a Loved One Struggling With Addiction?

Everyone can call NJ abuse hotline numbers, no matter if you want to call for yourself or learn how to get help for someone else. Calling a New Jersey helpline might be highly beneficial either way. A compassionate dispatcher might help you find out who to contact to stage a successful intervention instead of confronting the struggling individual on your own and risking a failure.7,8

How Do I Know I Should Call a New Jersey Addiction Hotline?

If you’re wondering whether you should call an NJ helpline, chances are you should. If you’ve noticed that your substance abuse has started to take its toll on your everyday life, or that it became the most important part of your everyday life, it might be time to consider seeking help.6

These hotlines are an excellent way to find adequate drug counseling and treatment in NJ and get in touch with someone who can help you undergo tailored addiction treatment. This can be an excellent first step to start a new, sober life.4,6

Are NJ Substance Abuse Hotlines Free and Confidential?

All alcohol abuse and addiction hotlines for NJ residents are entirely free and confidential. In fact, several laws and regulations are in place to protect callers’ identities. Nonetheless, you aren’t required to give out your identity and any information you provide cannot be disclosed to a third party without explicit permission.9

What Happens When You Call a Nj Drug Help Hotline Number?

During your call to a NJ substance abuse helpline, you’ll talk with a trained representative. You should provide them with as much information as possible as this can help them direct you to a professional to conduct appropriate initial substance abuse assessment and suggest the best possible course of action.6

Hotline operators might ask you some of the following questions:6

  • Are you in crisis or do you fear for your life?
  • How old are you and where do you live?
  • How long have you been struggling with the said substance and how severe is your situation?
  • Do you suffer from any co-occurring mental health disorders?
  • Do you want to start treatment?
  • Could you provide some additional personal information, including insurance coverage?

NJ Addiction Hotline Resources & Phone Numbers

If you’re looking to find opioid or other types of substance abuse helpline numbers in New Jersey, here are some useful contacts:

How Can I Find a Nearby Inpatient Drug Rehab Facility in New Jersey?

The best place to start looking for inpatient drug rehab facilities near you is to call an NJ addiction services hotline and ask them about available local treatment centers that can provide you or your loved one with adequate care.7 You can also use numerous online locators to help you in your search of treatment facilities or possible sober living options after completing treatment. 

Another option is to call recognized treatment providers. For instance, you can contact the American Addiction Centers hotline to see what treatment options are available. If you happen to live near the Tristate area or don’t mind traveling to a rehab center with luxurious amenities, you should consider undergoing treatment at Sunrise House Treatment Center

Sunrise House Treatment Center

Located in Lafayette Township, New Jersey, this AAC facility offers personalized treatment plans and a full spectrum of care, including safe and carefully managed medical detox, as well as nature-based rehabilitation programs

It can also provide you or a loved one with inpatient therapies that last around 30 days, as well as longer options such as specialized 60-day treatment programs and rehab programs that last 90 days. At this facility, you also have the option to stay in a private room if you prefer to have more privacy.

There are even treatment programs tailored to specific population groups. For instance, patients can explore treatment options adjusted to the struggles of the LGBT+ community or possible programs for individuals who identify as Christians. Additionally, women struggling with substance abuse can undergo treatment in a gender-specific setting, while couples may explore some treatment options together.

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