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Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) Meetings Near Me

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Crystal Meth Anonymous: How to Find a Meeting Near You

Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) is a support group organization of men and women sharing the same aspirations, strengths, and experiences with one another in order to put an end to their crystal meth addictions.

Any person who aspires to overcome his or her crystal meth addiction can avail the membership. No fees are required, as CMA is a self-sustaining association. This organization is not affiliated with any sect, denomination, religion, organization or political party. Their main goal is to help crystal meth addicts recover from their addictions and return to their normal lives.

According to a study conducted by some Los Angeles health centers, one in every three gay or bisexual people admitted to having used crystal meth in 2005. In the same year, the United States Department of Health and Human Services reported that around 12 million crystal meth users were 12-year-old children. According to the agency, crystal meth use increases by about 300,000 people yearly.

Did You Know?

There are no doctors or therapists in Crystal Meth Anonymous meetings. The meetings only contain people who have addictions to crystal meth and who are working their way toward recovery.

What is Crystal Meth Anonymous and How Does it Work?

Crystal Meth Anonymous, also referred to as CMA, is a support group made up of various aspects, each of which is essential for long-term recovery from addiction. The most important elements are meetings, sponsorship, and step work. Service and fellowship are additional facets.

    • Meetings

cmaThe recovery program is discussed during meetings. Each meeting is a safe environment for you to relate your experiences, listen to other members’ stories, and come to know other recovering addicts. Sponsors play an important role at these meetings. They make suggestions and provide answers to questions raised regarding the program.

    • Sponsorship

Each member seeking recovery shares his or her experiences with others. This is realized during meetings and in one-on-one sessions called sponsorships.

    • Step Work

The Crystal Meth Anonymous program is composed of 12 steps. These steps aid an addict enrolled in the program to live a life free of crystal meth or other psychoactive substances. An addict follows the steps in sequence with the help of a sponsor who provides counsel and guidance every step of the way.

    • Service

Providing any type of service is not compulsory. A service can be as easy as bringing food and snacks during meetings or helping in the restoration of the venue of the meeting. Acting as an officer or a chairperson during a meeting is another service option.

  • Fellowship

Members share their experiences in an informal atmosphere called fellowship. Fellowships may take the form of eating together after an activity or meeting or meeting up for coffee.

Did You Know?

CMA, as an organization, does not collect any fees or dues for membership? Funds are raised through voluntary contributions. Anyone can give any amount he or she pleases.

What Are the 12 Steps of Crystal Meth Anonymous?

Crystal Meth Anonymous practices a recovery program that consists of 12 steps, and it’s designed to help people struggling with addiction quit using crystal meth and embrace a drug-free life. The twelve steps deal with the person’s relationship with themselves, their surroundings, and spiritual side. The steps are the following:2

  1. Admitting powerlessness over the drug .
  2. Believing that a higher power will be able to take them to recovery.
  3. Allowing the higher power to take care of struggling individuals. 
  4. Reflecting and analyzing personal moral inventory.
  5. Admitting to the higher power, oneself, and others being the cause of our wrongdoings.
  6. Allowing the higher power to amend one’s flaws.
  7. Asking the higher power humbly to remove one’s shortcomings.
  8. Making amends to all the people a struggling individual has wronged.
  9. Showing willingness to make amends with all people.
  10.  Continuing to take personal inventory and admitting to being wrong. 
  11. Improving a conscious connection to God.
  12. Having a spiritual awakening and practicing all the principles learned.

The recovery through these 12 steps is reinforced on Crystal Meth Anonymous meetings, where people suffering from addiction can get in touch with others and receive support on their way to sobriety.3

How Does Crystal Meth Anonymous Help People?

Attending Crystal Meth Anonymous or similar self-help groups is an important aspect of aftercare that follows a completed treatment program. This type of group therapy enables recovering individuals to stay committed to their recovery, meet other people dealing with the same struggles, and maintain long-term abstinence.1

Crystal Meth Anonymous and other groups that implement the amended 12-step program allow individuals to surround themselves with people who are and were in similar situations. As a group, individuals support one another and provide guidance and strength to recovering individuals.2

A support group is vital to easing the journey to recovery. Crystal Meth Anonymous meetings usually follow a 12-step plan in order to help the patients. While following the 12-step plan, individuals are able to reflect and consider many factors that have led to their addiction, as well as possible obstacles to leading a sober life and their solutions.3

It’s important to note that these Crystal Meth Anonymous meetings, whether they are online or in person,consider addiction to be a chronic illness and believe that changing behavioral patterns in patients is possible, mostly through embracing a higher power.2

Are 12-Step Crystal Meth Recovery Programs Effective?

Although there is a lack of proper research available on the effectiveness of 12-step crystal meth recovery programs due to the aspect of anonymity which is practiced during meetings, there is some evidence that suggests that these recovery programs are effective at helping people dealing with addiction overcome it and recover from it.4

The sponsorship model that’s practiced in these types of recovery programs involves having an individual who’s progressed in their recovery provide support and guidance to a person who’s just joined the group. Sponsors encourage sponsees to reinforce their strength and will, as well to keep them focused on their recovery.3

The support and encouragement that people receive as a result of this usually proves to be very helpful, as it keeps their spirits up and helps keep them on track throughout their road to recovery. There’s a notable correlation between meeting other people who are going through recovery and increased recovery effectiveness among individuals who’re able to share experiences and have support.4

For these reasons, Crystal Meth Anonymous and other groups based on the 12 steps are generally effective at helping people overcome their addiction and maintain sobriety.3

What Is the Success Rate of Crystal Meth Anonymous?

While there are no definitive answers as to the success rates of Crystal Meth Anonymous, some data on other self-help groups such as the Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous may provide useful insight into the effectiveness of such programs. After all, the 12-step program was initially introduced through AA and is generally implemented in other anonymous groups.3

A 2006 study by John-Kåre Vederhus and Øistein Kristensen notes that out of all the participating patients who have enrolled in a 12-step program, 58% of them still participated regularly after a period of two years and 59% of them claimed to be abstinent from substance abuse after the same period.4

The study points out that there’s a significant correlation between regular participation in 12-step-based anonymous programs and substance abstinence. The study showed that the odds of a person staying abstinent from substance abuse over a longer period (2 years, in this case) is 12.6 times higher for individuals who regularly participated in 12-step-based anonymous groups such as Crystal Meth Anonymous than for those who didn’t.4

One of the main factors for this positive outcome of 12-step-based self-help groups is the social interaction that participants are exposed to. Recovering individuals meet other people dealing with the same issues with whom they can exchange experiences, strategies, as well as support.4

Why Should I Attend Crystal Meth Anonymous Support Groups/Meetings?

Support groups are an essential part of treating addiction as the people facing the same problem share stories that you can relate to and provide support on your road to recovery. Crystal Meth Anonymous support groups and meetings use the 12-step program to help individuals leave old patterns of behavior behind and adopt new, healthy habits. This is done through following the steps, sponsorship, and attending meetings on a regular basis.2

The topics of the meetings focus on working through the recovery program, but also involve sharing personal experience with other members of the group. This creates a support network to analyze different situations and talk about problems which occurred during use.2

When it comes to both Crystal Meth Anonymous and other similar groups, the 12-step program is employed to assist group members to live their lives without using any psychoactive substances, not only crystal meth. It also enables them to reflect on their behavior, surrender to a higher power, and start working on making amends with oneself and others while having a strong support network.3

Specifically, staying sober is easier and more manageable when a person is in touch with other people from the sober community, where they can learn more about dealing with the issues of substance abuse and new ways to overcome them.4

Finding a Crystal Meth Anonymous Meeting (CMA Group) Near You

You can use the Worldwide Meeting Directory of the CMA website to find Crystal Meth Anonymous meetings near you. After you enroll in the program, you can request that each meeting be documented in the Meeting Directory.

If you’re also considering or open to other alternatives, there may be rehab treatment facilities near you and your substance abuse treatment may be covered by your health insurance policy. If you need to find respite from your crystal meth addiction, we are here to help. Call us today on for reference to the best crystal meth support groups in your area.

Did You Know?

Membership in CMA only requires the desire to quit the use of crystal meth or any other pharmacologic substance? You basically become a member of this group once you declare your intention to quit your abuse of the drug.

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