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Ecstasy and MDMA Treatment

One of the classic works regarding the drug ecstasy is the book Ecstasy: The Clinical, Pharmacological and Neurotoxicological Effects of the Drug MDMA.1 It reports that ecstasy (chemical name 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine or, as it is often abbreviated, MDMA) is a drug with properties of both stimulant drugs like amphetamines and psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs like mescaline. […]

Treating Ecstasy and MDMA Addictions

MDMA is a synthetic stimulant that has psychedelic effects on the user.1 It is generally found as a pale crystalline powder form when it is pure MDMA, but pressed pills that purport to contain MDMA (commonly referred to as ecstasy pills) are also available on the illicit market.2, 3 What is sold as ecstasy is […]

What are Effects of Mixing Alcohol and LSD?

“An addict who uses LSD typically slips the piece of paper onto the tongue.” LSD is the street name for the drug lysergic acid diethylamide, but some users refer to the drug as acid. “Dropping acid” is a term that describes users taking one or more sheets of acid. Lysergic acid is a type of […]

Effects of Mixing Alcohol with Ecstasy and MDMA

The effects of mixing alcohol and Ecstasy or MDMA are dangerous. Those who are addicted to Ecstasy or MDMA and alcohol may have become addicted in clubs or other popular places where the mixture is commonly found.  We have information on detoxification and rehabilitation clinics that may be right for you. The dangers of mixing […]