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Quitting Heroin Cold Turkey: Dangers, Risks & Help

Heroin is known as one of the most addictive opioid substances out there. It is produced by the processing of poppy plants commonly grown in regions such as Southwest and Southeast Asia, as well as Latin America (particularly Mexico and Colombia). Heroin is usually used for recreation purposes and is commonly misused to an extent […]

Opioid Withdrawal: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

People using opioids, whether in their legal or illegal forms, face numerous health risks. Besides the common side effects of opioid consumption itself, there is a distinct group of dangers associated with the cessation of opioid use. In such cases, one has to be ready to act in order to prevent consequences that might have […]

What is Precipitated Withdrawal?

The Signs, Risks, Treatments & Timeline of Suboxone Withdrawal The national opioid crisis is slowly entering its second decade in the United States of America, and the prescribed medication Suboxone is becoming increasingly present among the individuals struggling with substance abuse. It’s transformed from a rarely-used addiction treatment medication only found in hospitals and ambulances […]

Why Do Alcoholics Shake? – Withdrawal Symptoms and Treatment Program

Uncontrolled shaking is a visible symptom of alcohol withdrawal and can lead to brain damage if untreated. Experiencing shaking is one possible symptom that may arise when you stop suddenly drinking or significantly decrease your drinking after a long period of too much alcohol use. Alcoholism can damage a part of the brain called the […]